What quality percentage before it all goes bad quality?

I want to start using CloneDVD2 for compressing, because Im using DL media on 6 gig backups :rolleyes: . Is there a general rule for when to compress to a SL dvd disc? I dont want there to be any distinct visible artifacts in my backup. From what percentage quality will I get a ‘near as damnit’ backup (i.e from 75%, 80%, 85% etc)???

I’d say it depends on your tv. If you’re usin a normal tv sometimes you could also get with for example 65% a good result. But if you look closer you can see some small artefacts. Personally i use not more than 80%.

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The acceptable visual quality of transcoding compression is in they eye of the viewer. With your viewing hardware you are going to have to be making the decision on what amount of transcoding compression is acceptable to you. With CloneDVD I personally use a rough rule of thumb of approximately 80% transcoding compression.

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It will also vary a lot and depend on the source DVD and the complexity of the scenes. I have personally seen ORIGINAL DVDs poorly encoded with visible artifacts - Here are some examples:

24: The series ( I have all 4 season box sets) and the noise/artifacting is visible even on a 20 and 25’ you can see this, especially in darker areas, but also visible on faces if you look close. I have seen the same thing on star wars DVDs and notice those even on non complex scenes… Sometimes I question the encoder quality they use to make those DVDs and no I have not seen on every DVD just a few.

No matter what - if you have a good enough TV and good eyes and get close enough you will notice artifacts no matter what level of compression you use. Some DVD players have some features that make it more difficult to notice, some players are better at decoding and removing noise while keeping a good picture… There is no definitive answer you have to test and determine the results on your own TV / DVD Player…

Of course, especially older remastered movies. But the main point here should be an avg. good quality dvd.

Well the movie I just backed up was Matrix Revolutions. It was 6.5gb. I wasnt sure whether to do it as DL or SL :confused: I just did it as a DL.

You can refer to this sticky about percentages.