What protection games on DVD have?

And is it easy to make 1:1 of DVD game?

At the moment using the current hard- and software it’s impossible creating a ‘1:1’ backup of SafeDsic, SecuROM, StarForce… protected DVD games. Emulation ‘wokrs’ for SafeDisc and SecuROM.

best thing to do is to make a image with alochol 120%, burn the image files onto dvd with nero 6 or something (as mds/mdf files), then use alchol 120% vDrive/DAEMON Tools to mount the image from the DVD. works alot better than emulated copies, not ideal, but imo its the best you can get.

ben :slight_smile:

So there is no such thing that i need some EFM correction DVD burner as with CD burners?

No. BUT you can have a 2 sheep DVD Burner but just to be used for CDs.