What protection does Tomb Raider Legend have?



I’m cautious about which games I buy now, thanks to starforce. I like to research the copy protections before I buy, because I ran into starforce when I bought the pc game postal 2 apocalypse, never again. But I can’t find on the internet anywhere, about Tomb Raider legend and the kind of protection it has. Can anyone help me. :confused:


I can tell you that it is SecuROM v7.

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Thanks alot, thats not so bad. I’ll go out today to get it.


Your welcome.

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I have tried to backup my copy of TR: Legend. It doesn’t give me a choice to use Securom v7.x, only Securom. When I try to use the my backup copy, it says please insert original disk. I have the most current version of Alcohol 120. What else do I need to do to make a backup copy? Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Take a look here and follow the guide step by step.