What programs run good with other programs



I had an answer to this question but after the reset the page has gone.
What software programs run ok with other software programs installed together.


I only use 2, and they are NOT compatible for me. I have tried every way to get them compatible, but it would not work. Nero and Easy CD Creator.


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I’m using both Nero and EZ-CD creator and I have no problems. EZ-CD Creator and Win-on-CD doesn’t work however.



These two programs are somewhat troublesome concerning compatibility with other software. DCD demands AIN turned on, which is something a lot of mastering programs don’t like, while they install a system file called scsi1hlp.vxd, which seems to be guilty of many problems. This file seems to support older devices, and it can be removed if causing trouble. It is still a mystery why Adaptec retains this specific file.


A well behaved program, which is not reported to cause not many troubles. Only Problem i saw is that was installed Feurio refused to work.


Latest versions of Nero, especially since 4.0.0.x, are known to cause serious trouble when installed at a system with EZCDC and/or DCD. 3 solutions seem to work so far.

The easiest and most tested is to install Nero prior to EZCDC, and then delete the file scsi1hlp.vxd from the IOSUBSYS directory, the second is to use a fix which prevents Nero and DCD running at the same time, and the third consists of a mix of system files and should be considered a last resort. I haven’t tested these files personally, so I don’t know if they can completely solve the problem, so backup the original files and don’t consider me responsible for anything!

Update : You need SCSI1HLP.VXD if you want to play Video CDs from an IDE device. Old CDR4VSD.VXD drivers do not cause problems with the SCSI1HLP.VXD file. The SCSI1HLP.VXD file is an original Windows file. If you install Windows then you have the file SCSI1HLP.VXD. If Windows detects that this file is removed then it sometimes (at some systems) tries to reinstall this file (without any user input).

Nero is reported to also cause problems when installed on the same system with WinOnCD.(only with old drivers. Newest drivers seems to solve this)


All Prassi programs install a file called PTASPI.VXD in the IOSUBSYS directory, and this may cause serious problems on some systems. If this is the case, try moving this file to the Prassi directory. Generally, Prassi programs are well behaved in this area. A few reported that installing Prassi software after any Adaptec program can help in case of problems.


A well behaved program, which will not interact with other programs, though some of its versions carry a few trojans.

[Fire Burner]

This program comes in a single exe file and wins the prize for the safest recording program.

[CD Wizard Pro]

Not so friendly program… People who tried it found out that it renders the ASPI layer a relic and had to reinstall EZCDC in order to rebuilt it.

[Disc Juggler]

A well behaved program, which will not interact with other programs.


MINIASPI.VXD installed cause problems.

[Seagate Backup Exec]

This program installs the file ‘drvwppqt.vxd’. If someone has a HP 7100e (parallelport) then this file should be removed, because this driver thinks, that the HP 7100e is a tape device.

Windows 98 installs this file too (see the IOSUBSYS folder), but I don’t know if the file from Windows 98 cause the above mentioned problems.


Though not a recording program, this tool is a very useful addition to any burner. In order to use this vxd, the original cdfs.vxd file must be given a new extension or moved from the IOSUBSYS directory completely.

W95 users are unable to rip track 1 and encounter problems when installing this file, so they have to extract the files CDVSD.VXD and CDTSD.VXD from WIN98CAB 47, which resides on the W98 cd, and place them in IOSUBSYS directory.

This tool really needs these W98 files in order to function properly.

[Source: CDR-Info Page…]

It’s a bit old, but maybe you can use it…

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Thanks to all for the answers.
Master had the one I was looking for. Could not remember the web site where the info was.
Thanks again.

I tried my hand at building a web site. Have a look what do u think??

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