What programs I need to download to start burning DVD's?

Hello everyone, I am a newbie when it comes to dvd burning. I just got my laptop last night and it came with a CD and DVD burner. I figured out how to burn CD’s and now I need to learn how to burn DVD’s. The movies I have downloaded are in .AVI format. I bought some blank DVD-R disks at Walmart tonight. Can you tell me what programs I need to download to start burning DVD’s? Are there any free DVD burning programs out there? Thanks for the help! Smile

Welcome to CDFreaks, a good start to all your questions would be to read for a bit. Searching for these topics would bring an answer most of the time, but I can tell you what I use. ConvertX to DVD is a great program. You can download a trial from here: http://www.vso-software.fr/products.php It makes easy work of different video files, and authors a dvd and then burns it. There are other programs that work similar, and also some more complicated. This is an easy one to start with. Good luck.

YOu have much to lear grasshopper… Before you can burn dvd, you must learn your hardware…
Programs to get past dvd copy guard (movies).
Anydvd, it cost, but it is worth it and the best.
dvd decryptor, it is like ant, macrovision is like grain of rice. grain of rice bigger than ant so macrovision shut down dvd decryptor (try to find the final version, still a very powerfull tool). Ant is wheat farmers friend, kill aphid??? so grain of rice gets sqashed under boot of wheat farmer (riaa/mpaa attacks the public, who indirectlly pays thier salary, eventually, the public doesn’t pay thier salary anymore, hopefully).
vob blanker, dvd fab decryptor, other free tools worth checking out for copy guard.

bought movie is most liklly dual layer (holds over 8 gig), single layer disk is 4.3 gig, must use compression (nero recode, part of the nero package, shrink which is free, clone dvd). If you want, you can skip compression, but then you need dual layer disk, very expensive, use dvd decryptor and imgburn.

most movies should be simple, use dvd decryptor or dvd fab decryptor and shrink to get past it for free. Sony movies might have arrcos. while they no longer use it, some recent movies have it, and its nasty copy protection. dvd fab decryptor may get past it. Other free programs might get past it. anydvd will get past it.
Macrovision ripguard. Even nastier than arcoss, one of the first movies with it was madagascar. anydvd will kill it, fab should kill it (free and updated for ripguard), other programs may be nessasary.
Remember, grain of rice is bigger than ant, bowl of rice may squash small ant hill. Giant ant hill and or farmers boot… much bigger than than bowl of rice…

I am currently converting one of my movies using ConvertXToDVD… You said this also burns it as well? Do I need to decrypt it somehow or does it do that too? How will I know if it needs decrypting?

Great post, ripit :slight_smile:

I personally like to use a mixture of DVD Shrink, AnyDVD, and CloneDVD2.

Try Dr. DivX. It’s a fantastic tool to compress a DVD movie. The newest (beta) version is found here:
Good luck! :smiley:

I almost forgot, here is the place to look for tools (there are pay ones as well as lots of free ones to do just about anything you could posibly want).

http://www.doom9.net/ is another great resource for DVD related information. Lots of guides and tons of free software that are updated daily. Check it out.

And reading the forum rules on downloading content would also help …
And those that replied also.

Ooops, missed the “.avi” bit completely :eek:

Edit: saying that, they could be legal ones…?

Nice, this is a very helpful community. LoL. I’m getting quite an education here~

good to hear your learning something UKG LoL , if you stick around soon you will be a expert ~ :slight_smile:

That was an excellent post by ripit , I must agree. I should have pointed out the rules on downloaded content as well. I did “assume” jturpin4 meant “legally” downloaded files. To answer the last part of your question jturpin4, the term decrypt only applies to commercially purchased movies, already on dvd. The files you are speaking most likely do not need decrypting, and convertxtodvd will burn as well. I am sure you have found this out already. Good Luck, and yes, please read the forum rules, this is a great place to read and learn.