What programs can recognize these Sony Protected MOvies

Hello, I’m having a sony protection problem. When i stick it in the drive, nothing happens because it isn’t recogznigin the dvd and when i go to windows explorer it’s just like 'please insert disc into drive d". I have the latest firmware but i was wondering if there was a program that can STILL detect the dvd and rip it possibly even though it is “unrecognizable in simply windows explorer?” I doubt there is because to me if windows doesn’t even recognize, then no programs will either but i’m just hoping for a miracle. Btw, it’s a Pioneer DVR 111D with 1.28 or 1.29 firwmare w/e one is the sept 2006 release.

What movies and what region code ?
One of the reasons I got AnyDVD was to avoid problems like that ( so far it’s working out OK.).

do the movies play in a DVD player?