What programs can create tracks for DAO (continuous) audio CDs?

I have used Sound Forge 4.5 and CD Architect for years to author CDs that have a continuous, unbroken audio track. It allows me to insert track numbers for navigation. (For example live recordings, where you don’t want gaps between the tracks)

I am migrating to Windows 7, and I cannot install Sound Forge any more. (More specifically, I can install Sound Forge 4.5 off the original CD, but I cannot install the 4.5g update required to use ATAPI CD burners. It says Sound Forge is not installed).

SF4.5 is getting pretty old, so maybe it’s time to move on. What other software has the ability to load an 80 minute audio WAV file and insert track markers?

Cue tools (standalone softwares) either search the net, or try at videohelp.com for them.