What programme is best for convert my dvds to avi

I want to convert my dvds to Avi’s divx as im feed up of all the disc everywhere
what is the best software to use

Perhaps, what is a [I]good[/I] programme would be more appropriate…
AutoGk, FairuseWizard, Avidemux, are some [I]good[/I] ones that I’ve used…There’s also DVDFab Plat/Gold ALL-IN-ONE…

The two that I have used is AutoGK and Fairuse Wizard Lite. My preferred program is AutoGK because I like to encode to around 1400mb and Fairuse limits the size to 700mb with the free version.
However, if you want to stay at 700mb and don’t care to use a different format, then using Fairuse and encoding to H.264 is the way to go, IMO.

Ive got AutoGk, i have tryed to do a dvd but its saying its done in 9 minute and ive had a look round it should take a few hours, but when i got to the folder to see if the avi is there theres nothing but a d2v and ac3 file which i can open so im doing something wrong i think any ideas

What are you using to rip the dvd to the hard drive?

You should look through a guide or two for AutoGK. Here is one: http://www.divx-digest.com/articles/autogk.html

Did you import a vob or the IFO? For example, VTS_01_0.IFO…


HandBrake is a nice, free and easy to use tool for encoding a DVD to MP4/M4V/MKV/AVI files with FFmpeg/XviD/H.264 encoder.

HandBrake User Guide

EDIT: You need another tool to rip the DVD to harddisk first, or remove the copy protection from the DVD. Handbrake will not read protected DVDs (although it might have done so in the past).

Thanks for all the help you are the best but i didnt relize that i had dvdfab on my pc which is working fine