What program would I use to write pics to a DVD drive?



I’d like to take my pictures from my camera/computer and burn them to a DVD so we can send them to relatives for viewing (and for us). Would the Pioneer DVD-A06 accomplish this, and if so, what software would I need (any?) can WIn XP do this on its own??

Thanks for the help!


Don’t know myself, but the search came up with these suggestions:

Nero 6
Ulead DVD Moviefactory

Hope this helps a little.


Ulead PictureShow 2 is the best I have found and work great with my Pionner A06!


i’ve got a NEC2500A, and when i try to burn using Ulead PictureShow 2 it crashes…do you know why?


I now use ProShow 2 from http://www.photodex.com - its far better!


I’ve used MemoriesOnTV, and have been really happy with the results. It looks like ProShow Gold does basically the same things, though I haven’t used it.