What program to use to scan for errors with a pioneer drive other than dvdinfopro?

i’d like to know ALL programs available to use with a pioneer burner to scan for errors…i DON"T want to use dvdinfopro. Thanks

Pioneer does not support error reporting. DIP is the only program available, but neither the drive nor the program is reliable. So it might be better to just do CDSpeed transfer rate tests with the Pio.

thanks…i guess i could check the pioneer burnt disks in my liteon 832

Yes, a much better option.

Are you sure about that, and why? I already bought BenQ, but it would be nice to know.

The Pio drives return some very weird results, and don’t conform to what is generally considered “normal” reporting. Pioneer has asked the various program authors not to include the Pioneer drives, but DIP continues to do so anyway. There have been other issues with error tests in DIP as well, I just don’t consider it to be a reliable test with some drives. Others might disagree.

You may use Nero CD/DVD Speed for PI/PO error test, read:


I do not trust PI/PO error scans given by DVDInfoPro also.

Let it be known that all information utilised to add PI/PO functionality to DVDInfoPro for use with Pioneer DVR class hardware came officially from Pioneer. Further to this, we were informed of exclusivity on the matter.

I’m sorry to have to even post this, but things need to be made clear. We do not condone a lack of truth surrounding these matters, nor do we condone others making falsified statements without the knowledge or permission to make the afforementioned statements.

No further discussion will be entered into on this matter. We regret the fact that this post was even required. :sad:

Well, when we see a realistic head to head of Pioneer / DIP against those drives which are far more known quantities in scanning, we’ll see… plus some “pro” hardware if possible, and perhaps more importantly, good/bad results in normal use (playback on DVD player).

As far as I’m concerned, if drive X and Y can scan with one or more free tools, and drive Z requires an Adware/Payware, it’s a no contest. - If I want scanning, then I want it with the CDSpeed tool that’s bundled with Nero.

Apparently Erik Deppe got information from ASUS, which offers rebadged Pioneer products. So the exclusivity will not last long.