What program to use to burn .ogg files to cd?



I have some cd’s that are in the .ogg format, and I can’t seem to find a program that will burn the music to cd so that I can play the music on normal cd players. Thanks for the help!


Try burnatonce. Not only can it handle .ogg files but it’s free for non-commercial use too. :slight_smile:


you can also google for a “nero ogg plugin” - the one i use is a file called “nxMyOgg.dll” (case sensitive) which has to be put into the “AudioPlugins”-Folder under program files\common Files\ahead\

you find it here

works great… and if you already have nero installed, you don’t need to install a new program just for burning ogg files…


you also might decode the ogg-files to wave and then use the burning software you already have installed on your pc.
for decoding ogg files get oggdropxpd from here: