What program to use for LOTR-WOTR and Jedi-academy

i own both jedi-acdemy and Lord of the ring - war of the ring,

i am having difficult using Blindwrite to backup my CDs.

what program should i use to make backup copies ?

i have pioneer DVD 117 RD reader
and ATAPI CD-R/RW 40X12 (writer)

operating on windows-XP.


no one knows ?

i just need like what program and what do i need to so i can backup my CDs

LOTR-WOTR i think uses securom so what can i use for that

Jedi-academy i think uses SafeDisc 2 so what do i do ?

i had to search everywhere (including afterdark forum)

anyway i thought i might as well post my solution here in case anyone else needs help

bought both LOTR and JK-academy in Australia

Jedi Academy
2 disc
first installtion disc - still can’t back it up (some sort of function error)
Play Disc - Alchol 120% safedisc 2 mode
when playing use emulation (min alchol)

  • use DVD drive
  • need to patch it with official Jedi Knight-academy patch (somehow that will allow you to play after you patch it)

2 disc
first installation - cloneCD
second play disc - alchol 120% securom
Read into HD then write @ low speed
emulation again - any drive

CD writer Pioneer
Windows - XP

thanks for providing the solution to your own question yoda!
I also managed to make an emulation copy of LOTR after many failed attempts to get a perfect 1:1 that would run without emulation.

As far as I can tell after trawling the forums for info no one has managed a perfect copy of this one yet

Will be interesting to see what these newer versions of Securom hold in store for us:bigsmile: