What program to use for DVD menus?


I’ve got some TV shows that were captured from HDTV, so they have good resolution, and I converted them to MPEG-2. So, I used TMPGEnc and ended up with a 720x480 .m2v file 29.97fps, and then I took the VBR MP3 audio from the AVI file and used BeSweet to make it a 48khz 192kbps stereo AC3 file.

Then I used IFOEdit to combine the two into VOB files & write out the IFO & BUP files. I burned that to DVD and it works perfectly.

But, it only took up 1.88GB. I want to add the next episode, and have encoded it just the same as the first.

So, now I have a problem, I’ve got two episodes of a show, one is in DVD format already, the other is an M2V and AC3, and I have no menu.

I used TMPGEnc DVD Author, but it keeps giving a GOP header problem, and says it wont work (yet the files playback fine on the DVD player).

So, if I want to create some menus, what program is good at this? I would like it to have either the ability to import DVD structure folder, or to import an M2V & AC3 and mux them into VOBs.

Thanks much.


Scenarist has menu creation capabilities as well but I think its very complex and not at all user friendly.

Hope that helps,


Maestro or DVDLab (http://www.mediachance.com/dvdlab/ ) would have to be the simplest to make Menus and author your *.mpv and *.ac3 files for ya.