What program to use for dvd copying?



I want to make a copy of my dvd for backups, I tryed to search the internet to find buring softwares but now luck with that. Can any one tell be what is a good program for dvd copy and does it suppord on the fly? thankz


I found a cdrwin cloning software, can it clone dvds? thankz


clonedvd or dvddecrypter


I like dvd2one http://www.dvd2one.com/ it’s really small, fast and doing its job wonderful for me :slight_smile: perhaps you give a try babychar2002. You can get it a trial version for 14 days.


Are you refering to movie DVD’s? If so look here:



I downloaded the dvd shrink and that when its finished there are boxes to click of like audio and subtitle. I wanta ask clicking it means including it in ur backup or not. thankz


Same site… read the Guides.


to mysticeyes i agree tis a damn good prog
used it loads no probs


cant u just tell me my java thing for the guide crashed. please help