What Program to Make ISO Image (Other than DVD Shrink)?

Does anyone know of any other (Free) program that does the same thing as DVD Shrink? When you use DVDFab to rip move folder onto HD, you then have to make ISO image using Shrink…but is there any other alternative to Shrink that can do that??

Your help is most appreciated…


Recode can be found for free at Softpedia.com

Imgburn doesn’t compress, but can create ISO images from VIDEO_TS folders
Folder2ISO is another program for this type of conversion…but the only one that compresses like DVD Shrink is Recode. When no compression is needed I would recommend Imgburn.

Yea, IMGBurn in build mode is great for that so long as you don’t need to compress.

I don’t get it…so how do I accomplish this using IMGBurn?? What I have now are two folders (split, Disc1 and Disc2), one for the movie in Widescreen, and one for the movie in Full Screen. So each folder has VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS files under it.

Thus, how do I proceed with what I have on the hard drive? I looked at ImgBurn, and can’t seem to figure out how I can make an ISO file out of either of the folders, disc1 or disc2. How do you get ImgBurn in “Build Mode”??

Or do I have the wrong version of ImgBurn?? It says version I would appreciate any instructions on how to proceed using ImgBurn…

Thanks again.

Well, to begin with, get the newer version of Imgburn.(2.2.0) or newer.
Then see here:

There are more guides, also. Look around at that site or use google.

Yes IMGBurn, and if it needs compression I’d go with DVDRB instead of shrink for better quality IMO!..

Please be aware the latest version of ImgBurn is


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