What program to extract iso?

I want to extract an iso-file of 624 MB but i don’t find a program to do it for free. I used isobuster to convert it into a bin-file and a tao-file but i still can’t use these files. Do you know a program to extract it for free into a folder or file i can use ?

Slysoft have virtual clonedrive as a freebie.
Mount the iso in the virtual drive & then copy & paste what you want …
Or alternatively, just use it directly from the virtual drive. It’s a virtual CD/DVD drive, so it’s read only of course :wink:

Nero also comes with it’s own virtual drive. But Slysofts is very easy mounting … just double click.

The virtual clonedrive doesn’t work. I have mounted the file but i can’t open the drive.
Isn’t there a program to extract the iso, bin or tao-file for free?

Nero comes with a virtual clonedrive.

WinRAR can extract files from an ISO image.

Demo versions for 30 days are available for both.

WinRAR doesn’t work and with a virtual drive i still can’t open it.
How can I convert or extract the iso or bin file so i can open it.

Try to open ISO file directly from HD, not from virtual drive.

If RAR can’t open the file, probably is not an ISO file, even if file extension is ISO.

You can do this in two ways:

  1. Mount the ISO with some virtual drive program and copy the files inside using standard Windows operations. I suggest Deamon tools for this.

  2. Open the ISO with some ISO compatible program. My personal preferences go to UltraISO or WinISO.