What program to edit out the audio and recompile the video with clearer images

I have recieved from my employer two videos that I need to edit. He had someone record training videos and he in turn sent them to me to put up on our website.

Now here is the problem. The files he sent me are in mp4 format for starters. They are not the raw data but the compiled and converted “Final Version”

These two files basically have my employers spoken instructions to sales reps on how to fill out paperwork with still images of the paperwork for them to follow along with during training.

Now the Kicker …the quality of the images embedded in these video files is so poor you cannot see even the title of the paperwork let alone the detail.

My employer is sending me the original documents to see if I can fix this…What program do you recommend use to edit out the audio and recompile it with clearer images and where can I find detailed instructions on how to perform this.

I am not new to computers or the net but video editing is something I am VERY new at but fixing these files is VERY VERY IMPORTANT. :bow:

Thank you all in advance for any help you can be. :bigsmile:

try Pinnacle Studio Version 9. This program is used to edit video however, I don’t guarantee it will work on mp4 files which happen to be QuickTime Video files.

Give it a try:

The url doesn’t work but thats ok I can find it will give it a try. Is there anyway to edit this with Quicktime Pro since I know that quicktime will play these videos

I’m afraid we can’t even begin to help with this unless we know the format of the original AV. Also it’s not clear why you want to “edit out the audio”.

May I ask why your employer is asking you to do this if, by your own description, you are “very new at” it? If it’s a commercial venture then there are professional video editing houses which could probably take this on.

The company is a small business venture. He hired someone locally to do it on the west coast and didn’t see the final product. When it was sent to me to put on the site via ftp when I saw it it was of very poor quality. I am trying to help out with this as I am very computer savy just not with video. I have worked for this man for years and we are more friends then business associates.

The file was sent to me as a finished product in mp4. The reason I want to cut out the audio from the video is the entire video part of the file is nothing more than images of the forms themselves. If i can get the audio out and the small intro out then i can recompile it with higher quailty images.

From what I understand it was originally recorded as an audio file and he embedded the still images of the forms into it to make it a video training file. The images, after he compressed it and converted it (I believe anyway) into the mp4 format degraded the image quailty to a level that is not readable.

When I talked to my employer this morning about it he asked if I can try and redo this video since it was so poorly done by the other person. He is sending me the orignl paper documents so I can scan them. He is really not web or net or computer savy at all. I know this can be done I just need some guidance to pull out what is good and add the new images to it .

I hope this helps you to understand,

Hi, you can record any sound that plays on your PC with Audacity, a free sound editor, and then edit and save it as a wav or mp3 file. It looks like you then need to make a slide-show of the scanned images, synchronized with the sound track. There’s many programs to do this, but I’m no expert (maybe even Picasa - Google’s free image manipulation program - can do it). Just trying to keep it simple :slight_smile: . Slide shows can be saved as a video file.

What software exactly are you looking for?
Because for windows there is lot of it like what I recommend:
Adobe PhotoShop 7 or higher
Pinnacle Studio version 9
Ulead video studio 10 link:

This is more than likely what I will need to do my only problem I guess is figuring out how to cut out the intro trailer for consistancy sake and which program to use to create it.

Macrovision3500 I have a couple of these programs and will definitely give your suggestions a try. What can I say we were all brand new to this at one time and I guess now is as good a time as any to learn. :eek:

Thanks everyone for all the help I tried to google and look for info and just got more confused then helped so I again thank you very very much. :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

If you record the sound as Cressida suggested you could use Nero wave editor to cut the parts out that are not required. It will be a little time consuming but you will have absolute control.
I have used the editor to cut up recordings from lp’s and tapes prior to burning them onto a cd.
Once you have the sound track the way you want it you can then make a slide show presentation.
If good money has been spent on the original I don’t understand why it was not rejected and redone by the original person/organisation?
Good luck.