What program should I use to backup dvds?

Hey guys I just bought a Benq 1620 and was just wondering what program I should use to back up some movies I have. I was reading around and I heard that dvd shrink is a good program, but I should also have a program to get around the copy protection, what program would that be, anyone know?

Personally I use AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 from www.slysoft.com -you get a 21 day free trial (and at present you can get $10 off the price) but then you have to buy it - it is very well supported and has regular updates. dvd shrink is no longer updated, I have never used it, but I have heard good reports, and it is free.

To get round the protection you can use AnyDVD (had very regular updates - if you cant back up a movie, then can have updates out within hours), DVD43 (not updates as regular, but it is free) or DVDDecryper (no longer updated)

To get the movies on to a regular DVD 5 size disc, (the shrink part) there are CloneDVD2, DVD shrink, 1-click dvd copy, Nero Recode and a whole load others out there.

I know all I have given you is options, but everyone has their own favourite program!

I like DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink. I rip the DVD’s to disk using Decrypter, use DVD Shrink to fit the dual layer movie onto a single layer disk and strip out the menus and such if I don’t want them, and then output to a VIDEO_TS folder that I burn to disk with Nero.

DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink are both free.

I tried using dvd shrink but it kept giving me an error message: data error (cyclical redundancy check)

and when I tried using cloneDVD2 it keeps saying that the file size is too big :\

any thoughts?

does slyfox and clonedvd2 auto update automatically?

Try ripping with DVDDecrypter first, File Mode at defaults. Then open the output with DVDShrink. Get DVDDecrypter here:

BTW, what is the movie title? Sounds like it may have ARccOS protection.

[EDIT] Oh yeah, there’s also DVD43 on the same page as the link above. It was updated less than a week ago, specifically to deal with new ARccOS protections. DVD43 works fine for me, but some folks have difficulties. Anyway, it’s free, as is DVDDecrypter. Good luck and post back.

He mentions that ARccOS protection on his DVD Shrink page:

DVD Shrink Encountered an error?
Sony recently introduced ARccOS - DVD-Video Copy Control (“face the creators of illegal copies with ARccOS copy control!” — pleaseeeee) on some new dvds like Resident Evil 2 Region 1 for instance. To bypass this just rip with the new DVD Decrypter to an .iso image then open the .iso with dvdshrink and process it. Also some other titles if you encounter an error in DVD Decrypter go to Tools | Settings | I/O tab then check Ignore Read Errors.

That DVD43 app sounds awesome! Glad that it’s free. :slight_smile:

Yeah, either File or ISO Mode should work. There’s also DVDFabDecrypter, but there’s some question whether DVDShrink can deal reliably with the output, despite the claim in the changelog that the problem was fixed.

Jaybot, since you’re new, keep it simple. DVDDecrypter/DVDShrink should be good for 99% of current discs available. Get familiar with the process. If (when) you come across a disc that the above combo can’t deal with, then there are other options. Good luck. :wink:

Shrink, Decrypter & AnyDVD are all that one should need. Been using them for over a year with no trbl. Do a search on Shrink and Decrypter to get tutorials and read up on them. Very good programs and the price is right. FREE!:bigsmile:

wow thnx for the posts guys, really a lot of good and usefull info here.

first off, I got a newer copy of anydvd and clonedvd2 and i burned 3 movies so far with those, (constantine, hitch and house of flying daggers) and they work on my comp fine, but when I tried to play them on my ps2 it didn’t work.

I once tried a dvdshrink+dvd43 burned movie on my ps2 from one of my friends and that seems to have worked, so I guess I’ll test out another movie with that combo, but this time rip it with decrypter.

Once again thnx for the info guys, I’ll keep you posted on how far I get with those combos.

Hey Jaybot… What media are you using and what burner are you using?? Try using quality +R media and bitset it to DVD-Rom. That should take care of your problem.