What program let's you know what copy protection is being used?

So does anyone know? I know DVDFab Decrypter rips the protection and copy’s the dvd files to my harddrive but I always wondered what type of protection is being ripped? I’m the curious type and have just been wondering for sometime now on what program can tell you what type of protection is on a certain DVD or CD? Is there such a program? I know DVD Decrypter does it but that’s old and dated now and doesn’t work well on the newest dvd’s.

I’m new here btw, HELLO EVERYONE! :flower:

I’m still using DVD Decrypter for all my DVD copying (of the rip->encode->burn process, it does the ripping and burning) because it still works so well and gives me a ton of information. I don’t use any of the other programs because they’re too dum-dum and don’t tell you anything. I was using DVD Decrypter + DVD Shrink for a while, but I ran into my first problem EVER when I tried copying a Disney DVD and both DVD Decypter and DVD Shrink choked on it. DVD Decrypter properly ripped it, but DVD Shrink refused to open the files. I ended up using Nero Recode 2 and it worked fine on the data files - but there was some part of the menu structure that crashed my DVD player (yeah! go figure!) right before the menu showed up. How annoying is that?

Out of my huge collection, those are the first DVDs (new Disney DVDs) that actually cause my copying scheme to crash and burn. Think it’s time to upgrade?