What program is best for fixing errors?

I’m looking for a program that can find errors in a system and correct them or at least identify what the error is. I have Regestry Mechanic 5, Perfect Disc 7, AVG Antivirus 7 and Ad-Aware SE Pro. I’ve got errors in my system such as Windows Explorer keeps crashing when I open a particular folder (http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=174548). But I want a utility that can identify errors and give possible solutions. Am I asking too much here?

Well you could try Norton, but there is a chance you could break more than you fix though.

Yeah, I found those Norton Tools quite useful, but it’s not worth the hassle with everything else you get with Norton. I want to steer well clear of Norton in the future. I use Regestry Mechanic for errors in the registry, which does an adequate job - there are errors which it says it has fixed, but the same errors appear if I do another scan right after.

Is your version of reg mechanic unregestered? It doesn’t fix anything past the first 10 or so if it’s only in demo mode, and even then it won’t fix certain errors :frowning:

I use Registry First Aid. The registered version works.

What’s wrong with a reinstallation when the software fails?
You did make backups of your important data did you?