What Program Copies Safe disk 3.2?

What Program Copies Safe disk 3.2??? :confused:

need abit more info there whitey!

The 793

well i scanned my game command and conquer it said it was a safe disk 3/2 or 2/3 this is a 8 gig game can it be compressed onto a 4.7 gig dvdr?

command and conquer the first decade

it would be inadvisable and most likely ineffective to try to compress a game that, correct me if im wrong, comes on two discs, onto one disc.

Compressing the game would make it unplayable straight from dvd, but the game could be decompressed back onto the computer and then used. but i doubt that this is what you had in mind. if you have the disc already, you are either making a backup copy incase the original is damaged, but this is unlikely since gamers rarely a) cherish the game that much, and b) think that far ahead. So most likely you are copying this game for a friend, and have limited resources. True?

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