What produces better results when movie only is under 4.3 gigs in size?

I have tried version 1.2 and have achieved excellent results with the constant compression method. My question is this…When you choose the movie only option with DVD2one, and say the original full disk is 5.3 gigs, after DVD2one strips away the extras, 2nd and 3rd audio channels, etc (choosing only the 5.1 track) your final movie only files total let’s say 4.1 gigs, is the movie now the exact same quality as the original movie, except it no longer has the extras and audio extras? If it IS the exact same quality as the original movie, will using both the constant and variable compression methods achieve the exact results? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.


I’ve read over and over here on the forum that if the output movie will fit on a dvdr, there is no compression of the video. However, I have my doubts, since I made a slideshow using Ulead DVD Pictureshow 2 for a friend of mine. This program will make a dvd that displays a menu allowing you to choose which slideshow you want to watch. There was only one slideshow on the dvd, so I wanted to skip the menu and make it just go to playing the slideshow when the dvd was put into the player. So, I used DVD2one in movie-only mode. The whole slideshow was about 125 MB, so compression was totally not needed, but the resulting VOBs were a little smaller than the original. I also noticed some slight jerkiness in some of the fade transitions. So, I used DVDtoolbox (www.dvdtoolbox.de) and came out with a better result. It does no compression at all, and is free. I think DVD2one is one of the best programs I’ve ever bought, but if I want movie-only, and if the movie looks like it will fit after ripping with dvddecrypter, I use DVDtoolbox. Even if your rip is over 5 GB, after stripping out unneeded audio streams and subtitles, it might be all you need, and it’s a little faster, too.

I’m going to put this simply, because I don’t know the technical terms!

Some movies (or slideshows!) have bits in the file which aren’t needed for anything (just useless bits of data) - they just take up space. DVD2One will remove these as it’s processing so even if there was no compression, the file might still be slightly smaller.

An analogy

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