What Processor for gaming

Hi, don’t want to switch to am2 , just built my computer 1 year ago and i see that dual cores are coming down in price and i was thinking i should get one while there still here, i plan on keeping it for another 2 years at least. I have a Venice 2.2 and over clocked to 2.6 , i see the opteron dual core and athlon x2 are under$120 what would do me better i am a gamer. can anyone recommend something , thanks. I know games will soon use both cores so thats why i’m thinking about doing this.

If you are running at 2.6ghz now you might want to upgrade your video card, depending on what you have now. Newegg has the best deals I know of for Socket 939 X2s. I’ve been thinking about picking up one myself but the single cores I have are running strong at 2.8ghz overclocked. Since I’m not a hard core gamer it probably isn’t worth the spending the cash.

What would you recommend for me .

If you’re asking about video cards I’m not the one to give you advice. My gaming experience is nonexistent. As for a processor I would recommend this one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103052 and overclock it for all it is worth.

the 3800 is a good cpu but i myself would get a opteron 165 or 170 :slight_smile: IF u can still get them they oc very well

raider12, what video card slot do you have, agp or pcix16 ??

IMO stick with the single core for now, an A64 @ 2.6 is still a fairly respectable gaming CPU. IIRC you have a 7600gt and a 19" LCD right? I think your money would be much better spent on an upgraded GPU instead of the dual core. I’d say an x1950pro if you want to spend <$150 or an 8800gts 320MB if you have ~$300 to spend, although you might need a new PSU with the 8800

pci x16

If your a gamer, then get an 8800gtx. Thats your best investment right now, with the upgraded cpu you won’t see a big difference (maybe 10-15%), while a new gpu will double if not triple your gaming performance (maybe even 4x). :slight_smile: 2gb ram also helps with todays games.

Make sure you PSU is up to snuff.

I was just thinking getting a dual core now before its to late for 939, I plan on keeping my system for 2 years so if games start coming out that require or use dual core dont want to miss out,

Well, tell us your overall budget. How much are you willing to spend on the upgrade. If you have X2 3800 then it is not worth it to upgrade to opteron 165 or 170. If you want to upgrade the CPU and GPU, then get E4300 or E6300(assuming you know how to push this processor to the limit) because they can be overclocked very high with the right components. But we need to know your spending limit so we can gauge from there

Actually, I’d wait until you can afford a new motherboard and new memory (in addition to a new CPU) before upgrading to dual-core. You see, the Socket 939 x2’s for the most part actually run at a slower clock speed than what you have your current single-core Venice CPU running at.

In addition, how much memory do you have in your system right now? (I’m asking this because the new games which require dual-core may also require more memory than what you have – and the memory makers are now concentrating on making DDR2 memory modules which are not compatible at all with your motherboard, making it more and more difficult to find memory upgrades for your system.)

I have 2-1gig sticks of corsair xms, and i can spend $120 for a opteron or Athlon 64 x2 if i keep my system for about 2 years should i get a dual core . I plan on getting a 8800 by christmas so what do you think i should do with the processor.

I would not recommend replacing the processor for a dual core for gaming, at this point. Clearly, the bottle neck for any gaming system today is going to be the graphics card. Going from a Venice core @ 2.6GHz to a dual core of any kind (AMD or Intel) will only have a very slight affect on your frame rates. Overall, much less than a 5% difference, (unless you have a very fast graphics card to start with, and you are playing a game that supports dual cores well). I know, there are benchmarks out there that show a significant gain from dual core processors, but in order to see it, they run the benchmarks at the lowest resolutions (usually @1024x768 or some such) and with the lowest graphics quality, to limit the graphics card from bottlenecking the computer. By the time most games get on the market with full dual core support, Intel and AMD may both be offering quad core processors at reduced pricing. It is your money, and it would not hurt you to upgrade to a dual core, but you will not see a real meaningful gain in games today, and quite possibly the next two years, directly resulting from the upgrade. Unless, of course, the game publisher releases a patch enabling dual core support for the games you currently play (this has happened with some games, like Far Cry).

Thanks for the help cd187.

I was going to recommend X2 3600+ Brisbane but you have 939 motherboard. Mine’s AMD 690G + X2 Brisbane, one of the most cost-effective combinations. :slight_smile:

The Brisbane cores are 65 nm so they should be much better for overclocking if you want an AMD. I agree with the people recommending a graphics card over a processor upgrade. It sounds like you don’t have any games that you can’t play yet so you could wait for prices to drop on current GPUs or a new generation that’s even faster to come out. I haven’t heard about PCI-E becoming obsolete and there will always be cards to buy so there’s no need to rush your upgrade.

Try 8600GT