What prgram is needed to burn a .avi movie file onto a dvd and be viewable?

Im getting better at the whole torrent game… but what im having trouble with is not downloading a movie or burning the disc, but SEEING the movie. Once the disc has the file on it, i can hear the audio, but there’s no video. Right now i have utorrent as my client, i use DivX converter, DivX player, and DivX movies, and i burn my cd’s with CDBurnerXP. I had a friend who said i need daemon tools or DvDrip or something, but i cant get another zip program to work now that my bitzipper trial is over haha.

what program(s) do i need to make my movies viewable, what is the process, and what is a good zip program that is free?

[quote=alexxxx89;2207748] and what is a good zip program that is free?[/quote]www.7-zip.org


which one? .msi or .exe?

[quote=alexxxx89;2207754]which one? .msi or .exe?[/quote]Just a matter of personal preference.

[QUOTE=mciahel;2207764]Just a matter of personal preference.[/QUOTE]

meaning…what? :confused:

Meaning it’s your choice. msi files use the Windows built in installation app. exe files are standalone installation files.