What power supply should I get?

I am in the market for a new power supply. I am running 6 hard drives and 2 optical drives. I am also going to be getting a new video card soon, most likely the ATi 9500 Pro.

What would be the best power supply for the money? I am looking to spend about $50US - $70US.

Any help would be ggggrrrrrrrreeeaaat!!

You can’t go wrong with Antec true power or enermax power supplies.

Fortron source is very good as well and normally a bit cheaper.

Right now I’ve a Superflower/Lepont/topower 520watt psu which is great as well since the voltages is very stable, and it do not interfere with my TV as many other powersupplies does.

With your system I recommend a PSU in the 400-500Watt class, it’s always good to have some extra power :wink:

Antec. They even have seperate power cords for just fans.

Antec TruePower 550 here, rock stable voltage with 4 HD’s, 4 opticals, ATI 9700Pro and 10 fans. Not to mention an OC AMD chip. Had a True 480, but the voltage was not quite as good with the same setup. Figure out what you “should” need and add another 25-50%.

@ rdgrimes…how do I figure out exactly what I need?

You add up the wattage of everything you’re running. some of the PSU makers have charts and such to figure it out.

Ok…I will try to do that…

Thank you :slight_smile:

I am able to this thermaltake for $47US. Is this a good one?

P.S. - I havent found anything to add up what I need…any links to such a page??

Also…what exactly is Active PFC??

Here’s an article
Look for a PSU with independant rails, each of which can provide the maximum load, this is a feature of the Antec True series. Since you are loading the 12v rail heavily, you don’t want that load to affect the other rails. So the total wattage rating of the PSU is not the whole story.

Great article!! I am going to figure out what I need now…


If I was to buy a new one right now I would go for the Seasonic Super Silencer 400.

78% efficiency, highest ever

A very thorough review here.