What Plextor to chose?

In short:

What Plextor model to chose ?

I have the LightOn LTR-52327S already and would like to have another burner to cover up for the LTR’s shortcommings :a ( Safedisk 3.15/3.2) with respect to CD copy for backup !

Should I chose Plextor PlexWriter Premium (52x32x32) or Plextor PlexWriter 52/24/52A ??

Apart from the obvious speed dif. what are the difference in copy/backup capability with regard to my needs ??

Or should I chose a DVD burner like Plextor 712A (I don’t have a DVD-burner so that would be more sensible !)

Honestly I would prefer a DVD-burner that can do all the (present) copy protection systems/versions; and write/read for CD backups, not depending on other drives for reading !

Is that too much to ask for ?

Give me your oppinion !!


nUUK25 :wink:

Unfortunately, each drive has it’s drawbacks.

  • The premium is the only drive that can do securom 4.8x/5.x almost 1:1 thanks to it’s gigarec feature. However, it’s not very good at SD3.15+.
    The 52/24/52A is cheaper but as it doesnt support gigarec, so you might as well keep your liteon.

  • The PX-712A is like the premium for recent safedisc titles, but it can’t do securom like the premium at the moment. A firmware hack might overcome this limitation (as it’s obvious that plextor intentionally disabled this “feature”), but i wouldn’t count on it too much.
    If you want a DVD burner, there are much cheaper alternatives.

  • For safedisc 3.15+, the best writers ATM are the old plextors 8/20 or 8/2/20. See http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=96383.

Thanks ! #2

If I put the Plextor ‘fixciation’ a side including the oldies but goodies which might be impossible to get anyway except among technically SCSI-loving minded antik dealers :wink: !! - and look at alternatives…

Would I be better off ( Safedisk 3.15/3.2 in mind) with the AOpen CRW 5232 for read AND write or would I still need a DVD-Rom LiteOn 166 for reading ??

:bow: Thanks

I think the 52/24/52A can do the work as well as the premium can :wink: SD 3.20 is ok on this cheaper version (I think) but only reads on plextor as well.

I copied Doom 3 with my Plex Premium and it’s Safe Disk 3.2.2 and so far so good. The game plays but I don’t know if it enabled SilentAlarm or not.


I borrowed an AOpen CRW5232/ARR to try and make a copy of my Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. (Safedisk 3.15)

I used Parkers suggestion using Blindwrite except that I have v. (Profile: Automatic).
These two media both works: Verbatim: CD-RW 16/24 700 Mb. and CD-R Disc Power 52x 700 Mb from www.billigmedien.de

Also like Parker, I found that the copies (CD-R +CD-RW) made with AOpen can be installed from and used for playback with LiteOn LTR-52327S

I use Clone CD to hide CD-R.