What play back DVD software?



Okay, I am (almost) a newbie at this so would appreciate some help.

I have Nero 6.6.14 and Nero showtime 2. I also have Cyberlink Power DVD 4.0.

I am fed up of trying to play mpegs and avi’s that I can’t play properly or at all due to some missing CODEC. So I am in the market for the latest and greatest. Nero 7 Premium at $47.99 or $69.95 for Power DVD Deluxe seem to be the ones that spring to mind. What are your recommendations?


Try VLC media player: it’s free and plays almost anything

Another free and good player is “Media player classic”. Do a google search, I haven’t links available right now, sorry :frowning:


Interesting but neither of these plays back the audio - maybe they are missing some audio CODEC’s? My Nero Showtime doesn’t play back either but windows media player does and so does PowerDVD. :confused:


What are you trying to play exactly? What files are? How did you get them?


avi’s that I either d/l’ed or shot myself. Also MPEG’s that I d/l’ed. I decided in the end to get Cyberlink Power DVD 7 deluxe and that fixed all the issues, once I went to the sound device listing and turned the mute “Off” on wav output. :doh:

Incidently, what is the format of commercial DVD’s that you buy retail?


pressed dvd contain vob files


But I suppose that players can also recognise mPEG 2, MPEG4, avi etc?


Vob files are mpeg-2 files. mpeg-4 are avi, and not all standalones can read them.

If you want to play avi movies in a standalone, you need to buy one capable to read them.


If you shot them yourself, and they were shot with a DV camcorder, you would need a DV codec on your system to play them back. To see some availabe choices, go to www.videohelp.com and in the tools section look for “DV codecs.” Athough, Power DVD seems like it has provided a codec for you now, so I would avoid installing another (it could cause conflicts). I personally used the Panasonic DV codec.

www.videohelp.com is a great place to learn about all things video, and www.doom9.org is another great resource (though in my opinion, a bit technical for beginners, but don’t let that scare you!)