What Pioneer 111 must bought?



I need bought a new DVD Writer, my actual Writer is Pioneer 106-RD with 1.07 RCP1.

I need the writer to burn PS2 DVD Games, Data Disc, And Any DVD Video to burn PS2 DVD Games, What is the best model for the Pioneer and what patch firmware have to aply to burn at DVD-R 1X CAV with DVD decrypter or any burn software.

PD: The PS2 Games burn at 4X with good media have jump with the scenes of video or audio.


I don’t think you will be able to write at 1x --neither a drive nor the media is prepared/optimized for this low speed.

I would guess to try another media…
Use Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim MCC.
Besides, the Pioneer 111 has very good reputation (I prefer the Benq 1650 though).


No way, ever. Also this 1x and 2x speed “must burn to play my ps2 ‘backups’” is just a stupid myth.

Buy originals and you won’t have such problems.


sorry but I can´t buy all games what have burn with a copy my originals


OMG, what’s that supposed to mean? :rolleyes:


I think he wanted to say something like:
“Sorry, but I can’t buy all the games. The thing I have to do is make a copy (a burn) of my originals.” It’s my interpretation…and even so the first phrase has no meaning with the rest :disagree: ….so I guess we will know only if he replies in a better way (and he finds a better translator :wink: ).


Why people still think that burning at 1x or 2x will result in a better disk ? They should use better media rather than beliveing in fairy-tales. Not to mention, when these skips in ps2 games appear one should consider either to clean/adjust or in worst case swap the old laser. A new laser with proper media lasts for years, so it’s not a big investment.

regards, Stephen


I have games in DVD in ritek G-04at 1X Ritek Purple with less readingwith Ritek gold DVD+R burned at 2,4X is normal?


Mate…you really have to write better…it’s hard to understand your “English”. If I can ask…were are you from?


I think he means that he can only burn his Ritek’s at those speeds with his drive at present???


Or he wanted to say that his Ritek purple DVD-R disks written at 1x can be read better (faster or so) than his Ritek DVD+R’s burnt at 2.4x. To be honest, it always deppends on the media quality and as Ritek varies from time to time so it’s quite hard to tell that it is normal or not. Also the writer may be doing a better job with DVD-R media than with DVD+R… Who knows, from so little info/plus with so limited English grammar I doubt that anyone could answer his question(s).

regards, Stephen


Maybe he use a universal translator software :slight_smile: Maybe using MCSE he will be able to write at low speeds.


Not slower than 4x with such dvd media…