What pets do you have?

I have:
1x Dog
1x Cat
2x Gunie Pigs
2x Fish

Hmmmmmmm well when I get up in the mornings I do all three. :eek: If I give someone a big hug, again I do all three. :o I shot another person’s reloads one time that did that also. :a I don’t use his any more I reload my own. Smith & Wesson the original point and click device. :iagree:

What the Hell…When I started this reply the heading was Snap,Crackle and Pop. When I finished it was what pets do you have. Oh well. I have a 7/8 wolf we call a Alaskan Malamute , male,110lbs. And a I don’t know dog White with spots like a dalmation, hind end like a grayhound and face like a blue healer, female 95-100lbs. :slight_smile:


  1. dog = stayed for a few days, lost in the park

  2. cat = dead. :sad:

  3. dolls = dog, cats, etc. loved by all here

  4. baby = not called pet animal, but what’s the definition of pet?

  5. wife = well, though she doesn’t have working legs and arms, more important than all the rest of the world. :wink:

Thats mean! :wink:

1 chihuahua

Have a GF and make a promise that you will devote your life to her and announce it to the world. :wink:

It’s not mean. It makes your life simple and disciplined. You probably didn’t get what I meant.

I don’t have any pets of my own, but my flatmate has 2 cats, a dog and some fish.

One cat is an Abyssinian, the other is a Bengal. The dog is a chihuahua X fox terrier.

^ A heinz variety dog…part dashound/part cocker. Definitely an A alpha dog;)

2 dogs

2 parakeet

A maxmillion Parrot who is over 25 we call Nerd. He likes to walk down on the floor by the couch and beg for peanuts from his stash, and sit here and snooze, or get a scratch while I type or play HL 2 :bigsmile:

1 Dog, A black lab, his name is Ben aged 13. I’ve had him since he was a pup.
My daughter has a 2 mice and a Goldfish.

None :smiley:

<<<has 2 pets…one being Tax…and the other…is my dog shes a peek-a-pom :slight_smile:

well…we just got our first pet a few days ago ever…a puppy…well…don’t know wot type of dog it is…cos the mother of the puppy ran away, got pregnant with another dog (wotever type it was…) and returned to it’s owner (mum’s friend) :bigsmile:


Possible fleas. :wink:

1, Flop eared dwarf rabbit & 1, giant african land snail

4 cats…and a few goldfish.

One pussy cat, some (+/- 25) fish, 1 hamster and 3 turtles. :iagree:

1 dog, Sammie 11 year old collie
2 Daughters
and me fella:p