What percentage of your phone use is for actually Talking?


I myself am at 60/40 I actually use my phone 60% of the time to talk to people, the other 40% is for texting, checking weather and taking pictures, and a very small amount of time browsing.With a wife and 2 kids it’s 50/50 on calling or texting for them.

I have very, very few free apps. Have never paid for any and do not ever plan on paying for one ( or not straight out pay for one,I should say).

For the past couple months I have been asking people and over 50% are at the 5% to 10% for actually talking on theirs. I have to admit I was surprised at how low that number is.

Most have so many Apps they have to scroll thru several screens to find the app that they want at that moment. All of mine are on 1 screen that I use and several that are never used on a second screen.

So what percentage is your phone used for actually talking to someone ?


Okay lets throw some stats in.

Age Group Percentage
age range Talking/ Other
10 - 20 40/60
20 - 40 10/90
40 - 50 40/60
Over 50 70/30

While most people did not mind answering a couple of question concerning their phone usage they did mind giving me their Age, especially the 20 to 40 range.


I have very little intelligible speech, so I spend zero time talking on it. Text only here. :slight_smile:


I find that hard to believe, but we can go with it if you want. :grinning:

How about apps a lot or just a few ?


It’s true, a brain injury many years ago screwed up the functions that form speech. So if I was to try and say something like ‘I need to go to the shops for bread and milk’ It would likely come out as ‘bread milk shops go’

I dunno how many apps I have,. Quite a lot. :slight_smile:


For communication, I would estimate around <10% calls, <10% texts and the rest via WhatsApp including video calls. We regularly make traditional calls with a DECT phone at home, although this runs over VoIP with a Fritz Box. I do have quite a number of apps, although mainly technical stuff like network and Wi-Fi analysis and diagnostics. I also often use my phone as my main camera and for web browsing.

I current do not have a usable mobile signal at home or even outside the house. Here in Ireland, only one mobile operator offers Wi-Fi calling, Eir, whose plans are too expensive for my light usage. Vodafone discontinued its “Sure Signal” femtocell and no other operator offers any equivalent. So the only way to get a signal inside our house is with a mobile repeater. Maybe someday I’ll order one, but I currently do not plan spending over €400 just yet (for a legally compliant 2G/3G repeater).

For Apps, I try using paid or adfree ones where possible. There has been a few cases of malicious ads that read the handset’s SIM # and discreetly enter it into premium rate SMS services without the user’s consent (search Zamano complaints). Unlike other countries, most Irish operators don’t offer the ability to block premium rate SMS services, so mobile users have to be very careful with apps that require permissions that may reveal the SIM #.

With my carrier Three, I need to top-up by €20 every 28 days for my plan, which gives me unlimited data and SMS and €30 credit per month (part of a 12 month promotion) to spend on calls and carrier billing services. With this, I pay for YouTube Premium (€12/month), occasional app / in-app purchases and the few voice calls I make while out & about.


Unfortunately that’s still a problem in a lot of places

Do you get Netflix, which most people feel is better and cheaper

That’s the general consensus


I very rarely watch any TV shows and can’t even remember the last movie I watched. I mainly watch documentaries and science programmes, mostly via YouTube.

So far I’ve been making pretty good use of the subscription. It’s an hour drive to work and another hour back, so this gives me ad-free music streaming as the subscription includes Google Music. Previously I had Spotify Premium and I figured for a little extra, I decided to cancel that subscription and went with YouTube Premium. It seems to offer a broader music selection in radio mode than Spotify as I’ve heard a lot more songs that I don’t recall Spotify playing (unless I manually picked them) and fewer song repeats.

While I could use an ad-blocker for YouTube videos, I personally prefer supporting the creators and even pay $1/month on Patreon for a few creators I regularly follow (e.g. TechMoan, BigClive, 8-bit Guy, etc.)


My cell phone is almost entirely for phone calls. I don’t even have texting available with my very basic plan, though I could add it if necessary. I dislike using a phone as a portable computer, I’m very much a keyboard person and hunting and pecking on a tiny touch screen isn’t my idea of a good time.

I even keep the cellular data turned off most of the time, unless there is absolutely no other choice and I have to look something up when away from a free wifi source.

Yes I’m an old curmudgeon.


Yes I hear you there, that’s why They are making them bigger and bigger.
I still have an older smaller model myself. The wife and kid’s have the big monsters, and trying to get me to update.


I would say about 95% talk. I have a galaxy 4 which is several years old and it has a grand total of 8 pictures on it. The kids or some relatives will call and ask why I didn’t text them back and the answer is I didn’t have my phone with me. The phone has never lost a charge because it is usually plugged in in the bedroom. The only time it is in my pocket is when I go somewhere. I am hard of hearing and if it is my back pocket I usually don’t hear it ring or vibrate. It’s just a phone, not my life.



I rarely use my phone for calls (mostly calling cabs), but send lots of emails, text messages, and use the web a lot. I’ve also taken advantage of the huge 256gb of storage to keep a flac copy of my entire CD collection to drive my bluetooth speakers when I’m out of wifi range.

Percentage wise probably 5% phone, 95% other.

As an addendum, after having it for some time now, I still think the Xiaomi MIX Pro is the most awesome phone on the planet, especially for the price.




If only more people could figure that out, that would be a good thing


I have an Iphone and I can not stand Itunes so no Music on my phone


90 percent