What people say when they encounter Cinavia – and feel restricted

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More and more people are discovering how the Cinavia Blu-ray copy protection prevents them from playing their Blu-ray backups.

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DRM is bad, but I really haven’t been impacted by this yet. I either play my original blurays on my ps3, or I play backup copies, but for space concern’s I don’t back up the bluray 1:1 (thats insane). I make a 1080p x264 mkv backup which makes a movie take up 12 to 16 gigs instead of 50. I use the set top media box (pch a400) to play them on the tv.

If you think Cinavia is bad, wait till you see some of the draconian DRM schemes being planned for 4K content.

Is it just me, or does this not really seem like news. IDK about everyone else, but it seems to me that the root word of “news” is “new”. While I agree that DRM always sucks, it seems to me that cinivia is undoubtedly old news. Those that are just now figuring out how much of a P.I.T.A. it is really need to pay more attention to the world around them.

It’s not news to people who are hardcore rippers, but to the casuals it probably is. I try to avoid known Cinavia Blu-rays when I rip as I play them through my Sony Blu-ray player over a USB connection. If I have to I hook the drive up to a PC with XBMC. Problem gone.