What pc should i get?

what desktop pc should i get?

i need a pc to stream and dload movies off the net also to burn them to disc ,to listen to music,to sync my iphone and ipod,to burn games to disc,to dload songs to my other phone and to surf the net and backup camera pics on there!
my budget is £320 and i am from uk so no dollers

i am going to buy the parts my self and fix it myself!
i need help where to buy parts cheap from
what parts i need
any advise

here is a list of what i think i want:-
1)built in wifi
2)windows 7 64 bit
3) at least 6 usb ports
4)4gb of RAM or higherÂ
5)1tb hard drive
6)super fast cd/dvd writter
7)internal card reader
8)core 2 duo or higher
9).silent psu
10).gaming pc case
11). under £320


cheap as possible

Ain’t gonna happen


Build one, you can get close with that kind of money. Work your way up. $800 U.S. is about as cheap as you can go, (if you go with AMD) and still have a decent machine. IMHO.

Hm. Games are not on the task list, so any office PC with IGP from Dell, HP etc. should do the job. Okay, they don’t have a “gaming case”. WiFi must be added by a PCI add-on card.

But I have to agree with Danne, your budget is not sufficient. Considering ~70 GBP for Windows 7 (system builder), there is only 250 GBP left for the hardware. And what you get for that price is beyond any discussion.


ok what if i want to build it myself and i dont want a gamng case or even a operateing system on it ? and i go upto £350 total max


You’ll need a decent PSU if you want to add a video card (decent one) later and you’ll save just 10 £ by getting a low end one. No WLAN “insufficient funds” :stuck_out_tongue:

336.40 £


I like that build :cool:

i got a brand new core 2 duo desktop pc 2.4ghz ,super fast dvd burner ,4gb of RAM,windows 7 64 bit and 500 gb hdd