What PC do you have?

Tell us something about your PC!

Mine is a Duron 750 @ 850, 128mb RAM, TNT2 M64, QUANTUM FB 20GB, Artec CDRW 32x12x48x, Sony TFT (yeah, dream on :frowning: ) Trinitron 15", QDI KinetiZ 7B etc.

1.0 gighz athlon
640 md sdram
Radeon 8500 64mb 275/275
dual monitors, 17’ and 14’ hooked up to my 8500
30 gig hd
40x lite on
12x samsung dvd rom

old one k6-3
(Only god knows how much ram (I think somthing of 300 MB or so))
philips 3600
plexwriter 121032S
toshiba scsi dvd-rom (1202 I think)
2 networking cards
awe 64 gold soundblaster
viper ll
3 HD’s
all three ide: 8gb, 20 gb and 40 gb
and an old batterd keyboard because of mame

0.8 GHz Pentium III
128MB sdram PC133; 2 x 64MB sdram PC100
Sparkle GeForce 3 ti 200 128MB DDR + tvout
Standard 17" monitor
LTR-40125W @ 48125W
LTR-40125S @ 48125W
Mitsumi 4804te
normal floppy + PCI modem + PCI sound card + ATX case

[E] Dont we all lovetalking about our PCs [/E] :smiley:

You can see the half of in in my signature…but look better if written one line beneath the other:

P III, 800 MHz
Windows 2000
Intel BX440 extra-stable chipset
3x 256 MB SD-RAM
Asus V7700 (GF2 GTS)
2x 80 GB as Raid-0 (WD 800 BB), Raid-Controller = FastTrak 100 TX2
Toshiba 1502 DVD-ROM
LiteOn 40125W @ 48x
Pioneer DVR-A03 dvd writer (connected to Promise Ultra 100 TX2)
19" monitor iiyama Vision Master Pro 451 (up to 115 kHz, 2x VGA-in, USB-hub, 1152x864 @ 125 Hz)
DC10+ capture card with M-JPEG encoder chip
100 MBit LAN (intel 21143 chipset)
450W power supply
Soundblaster AWE64 Value (yeah, 16 bit ISA !)

  • Intel Pentium 3 1GHz - great CPU but expensive
  • GeForce3 Ti200 128MB DDR - great graphic card and cheap
  • 384MB RAM - ehh slow RAM no DDR
  • 2 HD total capacity of 13GB - They make more noise than a thousand jet planes
  • Yamaha CRW2200E - I should have bought a Lite-On
  • Memorex CD-ROM 52x - it doesnt like to read my backuped STCC2
  • Aureal Vortex 2 Sound card - Without the latest drivers for that sound card your system will crash with just about anything espacially Matrox graphic cards
  • ASUS motherboard (CUV4X-E) - I love that motherboard, i really do

2 speakers, 1 subwoofer, mouse + keyboard, monitor, network card, modem

Athlon XP 1500+
Plex 2410A
Some dvd
HD 20 g
Geforce 2 MX 400 64 mb
AOC 17 inch

Athlon XP 1800
ECS K7VTA3 KT333 mobo with onboard Realtec LAN and Promise FastTrac 100 Raid
768 mb pc333 memory
Sony CRX175A1
Liteon 163D
Samsung SC140
Promise ata100 pci card
Lucent winmodem
Phillips tv tuner card
MSI GeForce 3TI200
Samsung ata66 60 gig hdd
Seagate ata66 40 gig hdd
Codegen 300 watt case
Networked on home lan with Intel Anypoint 10mbps pci cards with my two sons pc’s{Duron 950 and 1000 systems}
All built by me.

P4 1.6A @ 2.5ghz (156 x 16)
ASUS P4B533, 512 MB Samsung DDR333
Geforce 4 Ti4400
Soundblaster Audigy
Lite-on 32123S - for game backups, and 163D for ripping DVDs
Plex PX-W4012A - for music and general data burning
Maxtor 7200 40 GB + 20 GB - I need more space, DVD VOBs take too much room.
Old 19" Optiquest Q95 - damn for what I paid for this, I could have a Trinitron/diamondtron dual monitor setup today… Oh well.
Linksys LNE100TX for ADSL

Enermax 350W, M$ optical mouse, Altec Lansing ACS 48 sub and speakers, HP 5L printer (my second oldest component). The oldest component is definitely my keyboard (from my first Packard Bell computer, a p133 I bought in 1995)

Celeron 1.2GHz - okay it’s cheap
256 PC133 SDRAM
Iiyama 17" Vision Master Pro - best part of my PC
Toshiba 1502 DVD
LiteOn 24102B
IWill ATA100 IDE Raid card
2xIBM 7200RPM 60GB (Raid 0)
1xMaxtor 7200RPM 40GB
Built in crap VIA sound chip
All In Wonder Radeon
All built by me
LAN connected at 100MBps to brother’s Athlon and Fujitsu Celeron 400 MHz laptop

i have

athlon xp 1700+
512 mb ddr

jetway 678as motherboard via chipset

1 maxtor 40 gig
1 maxtor 60 gig

radeon 8500 gamers edition 64 mb ddr

1 pioneer dvd rom
1 toshiba m1612 dvd rom (as adviced by Elby)
1 yamaha 2100e cdrw
1 lite-on 24103s @ 31123s

1 new floppy drive (for firmware flashing)

1 ata 100 pci card from MSi

onboard sound

17 " belinea monitor

some extra fans in my big tower

rounded ata133 cables

microsoft keybord
logitech mouse

cable internet

unknown audio speakers

win xp pro with beta sp1

Intel Pentium 3 1Ghz CPU
Asus Cusl2-c Motherboard
512mb PC133 Ram
40GB IBM 7200 ATA 66 HD - Split to 2 partitions one with 20gb with XP running, other half left unpartitioned (will throw 98se on when I can be bothered :D)
Ati Radeon 8500 Graphics Card
Creative Audigy Player SoundCard
PlexWriter 40/12/40A CDWriter
Pioneer DVD-ROM DVD 115 DVD Reader
Pioneer DVD-RW DVR A04

Will be building another one soon (few months, when both Ati’s and Nvidia’s new cards have been going for a bit)


Oh boy … again ?

Well here we go then

Internet PC :
Pentium 166 MMX
64 MB Ram
500 Mb harddisk
ADSL usb modem
LG 24 speed cd rom ide
3Com 10Mbit NIC
no monitor , no keyboard , no mouse
Linux Smoothwall OS + 17 updates

Burn PC :
Pentium 266 MMX (overclocked)
256 Mb Ram
1 x 4.5 + 1 x 10.2 Gb harddisk
Plextor 12 Speed IDE writer
Liteon 48 (overcloked) speed IDE writer
Voodoo 3000 PCI
TV Card
14" color monitor
3com 10/100 Mbit NIC
Asus P1 motherboard (BX chipset)
Windows 98SE

FTP server :
Pentium 166 MMX
64 Mb ram
1 x 4.5 Gb harddisk
14" Color monitor
3com 10Mbit Nic
Philips 48 speed Cdrom
IBM motherboard , VGA on board
Windows 98SE

DiVx pc :
Celeron 500
All on board , nic , sound , tv out , vga , etc
128 Mb ram
realtek 10/100 Mbit on board NIC
4.5 Gb harddisk
Soyo all in motherboard
Windows 98SE

Main pc :
Amd Athlon 900 MHz
AsusTek A7V (first edition) motherboard Via chipset
1500 Mb SdRam ( 3 x 512 )
SbLive 5.1 + Cambridge FPS 2000 speaker set
3com 10/100 MBit NIC
Adaptec 2940 SCSI controller with BIOS
2 x 40.2 Gb + 1 x 80 Gb harddisk IDE
17" Color monitor
GeForce 2MX 400 64Mb Ram VGA + Tv out
Toshiba region free DVD rom player
Mustek 12000 SP SCSI scanner
Logitech Wireless Desktop
Iomega LPT Zipdrive 100MB
56K Analogue Modem
Windows XP Pro

SCSI case (connected to Main pc ; in between scanner and pc)
1 x 4.5 Gb SCSI
1 x 9.0 Gb SCSI
MO Drive 128MB
Traxdata 4 speed SCSI writer

Printers (via manual switch connected to Zipdrive) :
Hp Deskjet 690C
Xerox DocuPrint 4508 Laserprinter

Switch :
3Com 10/100MBit autosensing switch 5 ports

PC of club :
Pentium 900 Mhz
Gigabyte motherboard
2 x 9.0 SCSI III harddisks
Adaptec 29160 SCSI controller
SB 128
3Com 10/100 MBit NIC
Windows 98SE

looks around

I think i got everything now…

Originally posted by Mr. Belvedere

I think i got everything now…

didn’t you forget an old commodore or msx or something?

I know where mine is now (MSX Toshiba)

Originally posted by Crowley

didn’t you forget an old commodore or msx or something?

I know where mine is now (MSX Toshiba) [/B]

Err no , i used to have a ZX spectrum + , never had Commodore (thought they were crappy at the time) , But i used to have an MSX , never did anything with it though.

I have a Pong console somehwere as well :slight_smile:

Also have a Saitek Chess computer and about 10 Calculators (i collect Chess boards and calculators)

Originally posted by Mr. Belvedere
Oh boy … again ?

What are you nagging about?? That’s an excellent chance… It was time your rusty old fingers are put on fire and you started exercising you typing rates! :wink:

Damn gotta type all that again :slight_smile:

PC1, main PC
TB 1,2 (soon 1,4)
786MB PC133
40x Plextor CDROM
Plextor 12x
Yamaha 8x
Liteon 40x@48x
GF4 Ti4200 128mb ViVo
3Com 100mbit NIC
SB Audigy
Dynalink 128k ISDN card
Tekram SCSI card
fdd :slight_smile:
19" Samsung CRT

PC2, laptop
P4A 2,0 Ghz
30Gb HDD
Realtek 100mbit NIC
Some 56k modem

PC3, second desktop
Athlon 700
128MB PC100
10Gb HDD
40X Philips CDROM
40x Plextor CDROM
4x Yamaha CDRW
SB Live
Symbios SCSI
TipTel ISDN card
17" Scott CRT

PC4, internet router
P1 - 210MMX (OC)
SB 16
Some VGA card :slight_smile:
2x FDD
Some modem
15" Belinea CRT

PC5, testing/FTP server
P1 - 133
some interns I do not know about :slight_smile:

PC6, for my girl
AMD K6-2 366 @ 450
128MB PC100 @ PC66
32x Aopen CDROM
Some cheap 3D card
IBM 56k modem
15" HP CRT

Besides that, I’ve got quite some junk lying around, waiting to be used. Got enough to build another 5 PC’s, but I dunno what to do with it… so it’s just waiting on the attic :).

Oh yeah, I still got 5 C64’s and a C128 :)…

1g Athlon
256mb pc-133 sdram
GeForce 2 GTS
Soundblaster PCI 128
Toshiba 16x CD-ROM - Too cheap to replace it :slight_smile:
Plextor 12/10/32a
Maxtor 40gig harddrive
and other stuff not worthwhile to mention

Originally posted by Dee-ehn
[B]Damn gotta type all that again :slight_smile:

PC6, for my girl
AMD K6-2 366 @ 450
128MB PC100 @ PC66
32x Aopen CDROM
Some cheap 3D card
IBM 56k modem
15" HP CRT


Why does your girl has such a crappy pc ? :bigsmile:

Originally posted by Mr. Belvedere

Why does your girl has such a crappy pc ? :bigsmile: [/B]

Win98se/Word 2k… does it need more? :smiley:

(soon she’ll be having a Celeron 500 with a Voodoo 3-3000+ (OC))… a little better I guess :slight_smile: