What Paper Is Used In DVD/CD Cases

I have tried everything from “glossy photo paper” to “shiney card” but nothing as the feel like the paper used in the retail jewel cases.

Does anyone know the name of this rare paper

You talking about DVD movie cases?
If you really want to obsess over it, HP 2-sided glossy brochure paper is a close match. I use any high-res inkjet paper. Once it’s inside the plastic sleeve, they all look the same.

For CD jewel cases, I use card stock or heavy photo paper.

It’s called Bond paper - not available in stores as far as I know.
It usually comes in big industrial sized rolls, but you can also get ink test pads. Best place to look would be an industrial supply company like BYK or similar.

However… (and this is a kicker) it’s designed for Nitrocellulose, Polyamide or Polyurethane solvent based inks with highy rheology. Your average water base inkjet will just not print onto bond paper.

As CDan suggests, use a glossy paper.
IMO the best heavy card would be a Cornwall stock - that’s the kind of stock that good quality corporate brochures would be printed on. Again, I’m not sure where you could get this in a store, but it’s heavier than a bond paper.

Correct…a printer friend of mine over here calls it “embossing” bond. It is sold to printers in huge rolls.