What P2P site is best to DL music to my MP3?



My computer has Windows Vista and Trend Micro Internet Security(what won’t work with VISTA or this combo)

I want to Download a P2P program to mainly download music and to transfer it to my iPod. My question is which P2P software is best? (No adware/spyware, More selection, Better quality)

It doesn’t matter if It is free or a subscription site

  • I would rather pay for it to be LEGAL and BETTER QUALITY but at the same time i don’t want to pay $ .99 a song(hmm iTunes)[/B]

I was thinking of these FREE ones

  • ARES (had it on my old computer, worked good but looking if there are better)
  • FrostWire
  • Morpheus (i’ve read good reviews/feedback)

I was thinking of this P2P site that I was willing to pay…

  • LimeWire Pro

As far as subscription sites i was thinking this…

  • Napster (only can play songs but not transfer to and iPod i Believe
  • Yahoo Music

If you guys have ANY suggestions on BETTER P2P sites i could use i’d appreciate it


I was really thinking about LimeWire Pro but read that it has trouble working with Windows Vista? Is this True?


LOL there’s no point paying for limewire pro, FROSTWIRE IS LIMEWIRE PRO but it’s free and more secure, if you don’t believe me just do some googling about it

as for the best p2p app for music, would have to be utorrent and a membership at whatcd or waffles, the quality at these trackers is far superior to anything limewire or the likes can offer and there’s way more music to choose from.

If you like low quality mislabeled music and viruses them go for limewire or one of them types of app, if you want only the best quality of music and a bigger selection then use torrents with a good private tracker like whatcd/waffles