What p2p do you use? Recommendations needed



I have used winmx for a long time, but lately i have had a lot of trouble getting anything to download. I am going to try a different program and thought i’d get your opinions first. looking for one where you can get almost any song you want & is easy to use.


i only use bit torrent (Azureus) and Soulseek…


eMule for me, which is part of the ed2k network.


I agree with drpino with bit torrent - azureus is great. For music, I prefer Ares. I have never tried soulseek, but I know of others who use it and like. I would not use anything that connects to fasttrack and I would be wary of gnutella.


LimeWire for general use, as long as your ISP hasn’t blocked p2p ports! My ISP PlusNet has. :frowning:

For bit-torrent p2p, i always use Azureus.


Azureus has made some incredible strides in the stability and features of their program. couple that with web-based torrent search engines like ISOHUNT and you’ve got pretty much the best p2p option out there…IMHO of course :wink:


:stuck_out_tongue: well i say {www.reverseconnect.com} but you need to share stuff to get in to hubs
or you can use the program called poilet {http://www.zeropaid.com/}
it is up to you poilet is are peer 2 peer program for MP3’s so it is up to you.


I use Overnet 0.52 - quite old now, but it works. :iagree:

I also use Peerguardian 2 (essential) :iagree:



Azureus 90% of the time, eMule for stuff that I can’t find torrents for and very occasionly I use DC++.


:iagree: The same for me (about Azureus and eMule, don’t use DC++).

Regards, :slight_smile:



I don’t d/l but if I did I would use limewire and dc++


rofl he just wants to download song’s. :iagree:


why rofl? am i naive to only be downloading songs?


i think it’s because the recommendations are good for more than just songs and Vegeta sees them as overkill for your desired usage. just a guess here though…


me too, using eMule.


eMule is good for rare stuff but is very slow for downloading.


I use eDonkey (old Overnet). Great for all things, you name it!!


Mirc w/ some scripts i coded I would not reccomend this to ppl who cant secure their system (I wouldnt reccomend downloading via any of these apps actually if you dont know internet security) I am not sure mirc is p2p but i get all the new stuff and the quality is excellent I usually download around 700k/snewsgroups are nice roo


limewire for me…every now and then i use ares also but i have probs connecting a lot


yea you are right, not that i am saying you are worng guys just abit of over kill for song’s that is all.