What outdated technology will you miss?



I feel like a millennial now. I don’t know a person under 35 years old that ever paid for cable TV service.




Notebooks with maintenance flap and easy-removable Akku


European washing machines that can wash a regular load within an hour, something those living in the US probably take for granted.

While visiting relatives in the US a few months ago, pretty much every house has a large washing machine that can wash a large load within an hour. Here in Ireland (and I’m sure most of Europe), modern domestic washing machines take 3+ hours to wash a load. To meet the strict EU requirements such as energy efficiency, they use as little water as possible and the less water they use, the longer the wash cycle. For example, Which? reviewed a LG’s largest UK washing machine (a 12kg model) where a regular cotton cycle took 4.5 hours! With the relatives we stayed at in the US, their new 17kg LG front-loading washing machine took under an hour for the regular cotton cycle.

With what seems to be a standard 60cm width requirement for washing machines here, even the biggest capacity models here have a smaller drum volume than any entry level US washing machine.

When the drum broke in our old semi-pro Whirlpool front-loader, we decided to repair it despite costing the price of a new machine as it still washes a regular load within an hour and the drum size is much larger than the largest washing machine we could find, checking countless white goods retailers. While one store did have a few commercial washing machines (for the likes of B&B’s, nursing homes, etc.), they started at around €1500. :hushed:


Funny you should talk about a wash machine, we are in the process of moving and the new house came with a New Wash Machine ( Without an Agitator ) and it takes twice as long as our old one that has an Agitator.
Even with that you are correct it takes about 90 minutes to do a full load, the old one took only about 45 minutes


I had a pair of old school Whirlpool based machines, a late 90’s direct drive washer and a huge dryer for years. It was easy to fix, parts were cheap, and it was noisy but washed well and was fairly fast. Over the time I ran it I replaced 3 pumps, and the agitator dogs and a filter screen. The dryer I replaced a few of the temp safety diodes that would open up to keep the dryer from overheating if it got air flow blocked. The washer used about 50 gallons per load. My new house the water bill is so high I bought a new top load HE washer and it is very quiet, does twice the load per run, and uses about 8 gallons per load average. Bad part is the tub bearings are known to fail early and it now is very noisy on spin but still washes fine and the bearing kit and a new main shaft aren’t that expensive.
I can now shower while washing clothes without loosing hot water and my water bill is about 50 a bill less, plus more clothes get done per run. I’ll replace the bearings when I feel like it or it stops spinning, I already have the parts n stock and it was way cheaper then buying another new washer.


We bought one of these washers recently. After hearing the nightmare stories about mold in the front loaders this seemed to be the right decision. It took a little getting used to but my wife really likes it.


I also miss my old Gameboy color. Yeah compared to todays tech it was kind of lame. I
did enjoy playing an old Godzilla game. The monsters were still okay, and the soldiers shooting at
them were real tiny stick men.:smile:


Do you mean this one?


It’s the one they made for the Gameboy color. Godzilla game. It maybe it? I remember the cover
was a little different.:slightly_smiling_face:


http://static1.mychoicegames.com/27226-large_default/godzilla-the-series-monster-wars.jpg I think this was
the one.:smiley: