What OS to choose from when burning?

I myself are using a below average computer, since I haven`t like done any updating for any sort the last 2 years…

CPU: AMD Duron™
RAM: 383,73 Mb
V/Card: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200
DX Ver: 9.0
Mainboard: A7V8X-X ASUSTeK Computer INC.
O/S: Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional SP4.0

So that will probably affect a burn, but what OS are you using for burning? Does it really have anything to say which one, as long as you have the latest servicepack, and everything after win98SE(forget about ME)?

Am like thinking about installing windows 2003.

Windows 2000 should do okay, and 2003 isn’t really meant for a single user machine, I don’t think.

Your specs are more than enough to burn discs. 98, 2K or XP will all work.

I prefer w2k and 2003 when it comes to windoozes, because it has been proven that they are more stable than all other m$ OS’.
Most Linux dists are great for burning dvds anyway.