What OS are ya'll on?

Currently i’m using Windows 98 Second edition, but i think about upgrading to Windowws 2000. I heard it much more stable, but can rou run games with it ? Or do i need patches & shit ??



win 2000 isn’t actually made 4 playing games but however you can play games with it, win2000 is actually made for business users and not for normal customers :wink:
the best os to play games is still win98, becuz it still have the most driver support

But to give you an answer to your question, you can play most of the games with win2000. But if you want to play some older games like c&c red alert than you have a problem :frowning:

Personally I hardly ever play games and when I do, it is mostly simple games that do not require 3D.

I chose Windows 2000 Professional for its stability. I used to run Windows 98, but I really got fed up with rebooting at least 3 times a day because of memory leaks and other crashes. In the beginning (bought win2k when it was released) there were many problems regarding the drivers of hardware and patches for software (especially games).

At this time most products (not older than 2 years, for older products it just depends on the manufacturer whetehr they will support it) run under Windows 2000 after installing the latest ServicePack.

As Mattel said, it is no OS for playing games, for this you are better of with Windows 98 or perhaps Windows ME. Windows 2000 is the successor of Windows NT and should be seen as such. It is a very stable OS, at this moment it has an uptime of 3 weeks (plus a day), which I never got when using Windows 98.

It did cost me a lot, but from my perspective it was all worth it (yes I know, probably one of the very few here that actually buy stuff, so sue me :wink: )

windows 98SE (english)

Windows 98 Second edition (USA)

Win ME and Windows 2000 Professional, dual boot

win98se - the best one for gaming !

compu1 linux redhat 6.4
compu2 linux debian (how do you write it)
compu3 win 98 se \
compu3 win 2k pro --dual boot

win98 SE and Win2000Pro, i mostly use win2k. I almost never play games so this is the best os for me, when i want to play games i go to win98SE
If you have a geforce with the detenator drivers from nvidia you can play most of the games in win2k (opengl games at best)

I use Win98Se and WIN ME.
I preffer WIN98SE, it uses less memory and resources, and is more compattible with hardware…

:smiley: Lathieza :smiley:

Win2k and it really rox!

I’m using WinME now, did use Win2K before and it’s much more stabel! But wanted something new! :wink: Thinking of going back 2 it!
Or mayB Whistler (beta)!

windows 2000 pro, because all i do is cd burning and other apps. no games here :slight_smile:

I use win2k & i have no problems with playing games (the ones made after 2000) and even the ones made before 2000 like Half Life & Quake 2… they run perferctly! JUst get the updated drivers & it will work perferctly!

a modified version win98( I used 98lite to rip it apart)
and windows2000 professional. I have a question for the guys running dual boots, You know on the start menu under accessories, the system info- thing does it work on your machine, I put 98 on first then 200pro and it loses the system info under 98, but works fine under 2000?? Any ideas.??


I’m Running Win 2K Advanced Server and have sucessfully run these games
Unreal Tourny
Quake 1,2,3 (Team Arena Also…Freakin Sweet Game)
Soldier Of Fourtune
Bauldars Gate
Dues Ex
Swat 3
(and quite a few more)

These Games I Cannot Run :frowning:
Q2 mission pack 2 or 3 (install wont run)
Vampire (Install wont run gotta do a workaround)
Hitman (Install wont run)

From my experience it seems win 2k only gets caught up on install problems, and the occasional vid card problem
Hope This Helps…
Contact me if you need some help… :wink:
(PS. these were all run on a Leadtek GForce 2 GTS 64MB)

i’m thinking about to upgrade from dos to windows 3.1

no fo real,

i use win 98 but i’m not happy with it. it sucks really, somebody any advise for antoher os which is easy to use etc.

Dual Boot:
Win 2k
Win XP
Win ME

I only use Win 2k 'cause it rock :slight_smile:
Win ME is only giving me blue screens so I user Win 2k!

if you’re using dos, then how are you posting this message here in this forum? there’s no graphical web browsers for dos, as far as i know, so this is prolly just some kind of joke. thread closed.