What order do I burn .ccd .img .sub files?

Hi, I’m a total newb, thought I might get some help. I have a file and it comes in 3 parts, a .ccd file, a .img file and a .sub file. I know what the ccd and img files are I think, but no idea what the .sub is. If someone could tell me what order these should be burnt in and any other things I should know, plz respond.

P.S.: this is psx

Plz people, I’m dying here.


no order

just select the ccd file in CLONE_Cd and the others will be used automatically

by the way…no WAREZ talk on here…so no talk about download games etc


thnx and sry, will edit it out.

thank you

( remove the download part…else you could get problems)



O.K. now the disk doesn’t read in the system, advice?

It apparently deals with downloaded software and thus is against our forum rules.

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