What option do i choose in nero burning rom?

I want to burn a downloaded film that has been transcoded by nero the first attempts i made did not work on my dvd player.

I am wondering which of the following i should choose;

the file i want to burn is a nero image file???

I want to burn a downloaded film…
You are only allowed to back-up copy protected material you own.

BTW, crossposting is not allowed.

If the file is *.nrg then you want to select “Burn image to disc” from the Copy & Backup section of Nero StartSmart.

The disc will be burnt accordingly.

Hi ResU

Do you read the post of pinto2? :wink:


I misunderstood his use of the word “downloaded” to mean that he had made the disc image himself. If he meant that he downloaded the file illegally, as in a pirated version, my mistake! Many people around me repeatedly misuse the word “download” for “install” or “copy” to hard drive.

I will be more attentive to this sort of thing. Anyways, in my country, we are legally allowed to download films so I wasn’t thinking “Internationally.” :o

Sorry again!

No problem :slight_smile:

Actually we don’t know if this “downloaded” file is legal or not, but if wilpresto don’t specify better, we can’t know :wink:

I downloaded the film off a torrent site.

Is it possible to burn the files or not?

There must be a way to do it.

what movie is it? if it’s not legal then we can’t (AND WON’T) help you.

if it is a legal film (which by the avoidance of the question in the first place I’m seriously starting to doubt) you should probably let us know in what format it was downloaded.

if you’re unsure about whether what you’re asking is legal or not, i recommend you go back and read over the forum rules that you agreed to upon signing up to help you decide.