What of these BenQ drives?

Let me first say that I am very happy to find this forum. Finally I get to know a great forum where one can discuss many things about CD and DVD, and always with qualified opinions.

Here’s my question:

In my town, I can find the following BenQ drives:

1620 Pro

What drive should I buy? Which one has the best quality in all aspects? (Their prices are almost the same. I think I’ll use Verbatim DVDs and probably also Sony ones)

Thanks for your help!

1640 its newer and faster

It is also cheaper! Does that have to do only for not having black 1640 drives?


Hi :slight_smile:
Take a look here. For details of 1640 + others in BenQ range.
I agree with KenW the 1640 its newer and faster.

Black 1640’s are widely available, I guess you need to search for one :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replies and link :slight_smile:

With that said, are you telling that the black version is, in some way, a better option? Or is just a matter of colour taste?

Color taste. All have black trays i believe inside.

color is color hehehe is red car faster then white one lol

Ok. So, every 1640 has black trays. I guess that’s what’s important.
You are referring to “newer” and “faster”.
But in terms of quality writing, reading, media testing, is the 1640 also better?

the 1640 is best benQ has made yet

The 1640 has features not found in the 1620, such as SolidBurn which is EEPROM that can be turned on or off and erased with QSuite v2 or v2.1.

My vote goes also to BenQ 1640.

By the way… here where i live there is also a model promoted as Benq 1640pro, anyone knows the differences between 1640 and 1640pro? i see from this post there were already 1620 and 1620pro models, if noone knows the 1640pro then maybe someone knows the differences between 1620 and 1620pro? Thank you!

If you do use the search function you will find this question has been answered so many times.

I just did, i found a lot of threads but none (except one i recently opened in which nobody knew about any “pro” model) asked this question or pointed out exactly the differences between 1620 or 1640 and their pro versions in them

I don’t think you are being patient to do the search then look in to this one.



Juding by the Gxxx firmware on your Benq 1620, I’ll venture to guess it’s OEM. You can cross-flash it to one of the ‘Pro’ firmwares (B7P9+). Well, I’m not sure if cross-flash is the correct wording, but I’m pretty sure you can upgrade it to a 1620 Pro by using pro firmware.

From what I understand, Pro and non-Pro is simply a matter of difference in firmware for the 1620.

Maybe wait until someone can confirm or correct my comments. Cheers.

FW, packaging, included software and name on faceplate.
1620 pro has BenQ on faceplate, OEM does not.
Pro comes in a box with extra software.
Mechanically there is no difference.

Ok, thanks, since im not too familiar with DVD burners terminology, would you say it´s a good thing or a bad thing to buy a pro version?

It’s just up to personal preference, and maybe which is going for the best price. :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
Just like to point out that quite often the difference between “standard” & “pro” is a question of f/w. So it’s possible to buy a “standard” but end up with a “pro”.
Of the three models you originally listed the 1640 represents the best value for money in my opinion.