What now?

i bought a Lite On 451S, i read some firmware and something about it being able to go 8x. i was wondering if that is safe for me to do, also what kinda file types should i download so that i dont need to convert anything, just burn it onto the dvdr and play it on a dvd player. is it SVCD or what??

There is already a large thread about the 851S and 8x burning found here.
For more information about creating a DVD check out some of the CD Freaks guides here and here.

thx a lot for ur reply, but i dont have a 851S i have a 451S and i heard that it can be updated into the 8x burning thing?? also is there any need to update the firmware?

Ahhh, sorry I misunderstood that part of the question.

Check the tools collection at the top that says Read First:.

(does anyone even read the stickies?)

thx a lot bro, but i cant see Tools up top

You know, the threads stickied at the top of the LiteOn forum that say Read First in front of them…
“Read First: Comprehensive LiteOn Tools Collection”

The link is also in my signature…

ahh lol thank u, also i thought that i could fit a 1.4gig movie onto a dvdr which is 4.7gigs, well apparantly i cant, the movie is two cd’s and its mpeg layer3, can someone explain to me please why that inst working?

If you want a movie to play on a set top DVD player the files have to be set up in DVD format. I’ve linked to our guide’s sections above. Have a read through them and that should help answer allot of your questions.