What now

I bought the sims unleashed and have tried to make a backup for it as my daughter plays the game and I would rather her play the backup than the original which I would prefer sitting on a shelf somewhere. However, I have been unable to back this disk up and now, the disk has been broken and we are unable to play anymore. What should I do? Have I a right to complain?:frowning:

Have I a right to complain?

If it makes you feel better.

2 Options…

1st) Talk to the publishers, (EA i think??) tell them your daughter broke the disk. You can make it more dramatic if you feel. EG: you may live in america, the land of Law Suits and tell them that you cut your hand on the shards of CD, they will be much more willing to help ;). More seriously, tell them it broke, they will send you another CD at a reduced cost, so long as you can provide evidence your original is broke.

2nd) Complain to them about there anti piracy mesures. They could send you a stripped down version, with no manuals or protection, (like the cheap bargains you get, platinum packs etc etc)

That’s exactly why i don’t buy original games , they break easily :slight_smile:

Buy an other one!:bigsmile:

Or you can do whatever say Huzzy!!!:bigsmile: