What now....if anything

first let me say a big HELLO to all in this forum…

I have a 411 flashed to a 811 that i did a long time ago …
i believe i used the ltnflash or something like that…
what do i need to do to make it better …(is there anything out there)

sory if this is a dumb question

@ largeagain
What is it doing now that needs improving? Post a Kprobe scan or two of your most recent burns. You may also benefit from reading this and the FAQs :iagree:

i seem to be getting complaints that the dvd’s freeze on standalone dvd player… could it be the disks ???

here are my 2 recent kprobe scans…
let me know what ya think

do i need to do anything …?


  1. you can save the graphs as *.png by clicking the icon next to the stop button, it’s better than taking such screenshots…
  2. you should scan the discs @4x speed. that’s the forum standard.
  3. this scans look like… i better don’t say anything :Z
  4. run newer firmware through omnipatcher and flash it.

Ok thnx for the help… is this any beter after a firmware flash ?

BTW what is the newest flash for my drive ?


what speed are they burnt at?
the PIF is good. but PI is still very high and the disc isn’t full, looks like less than 1,5 GB…

newest firmware for your drive is HS0R, right. get here the unscrambled version: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares/stock/811S.HS0R.stock.rar
run this flasher through omnipatcher: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/patchers/dvdrw_omnipatcher-1.3.18.rar
finally reset your eeprom: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/utilities/EEPROM_Utility-2.0.7.rar
but make a backup of it before resetting!

in advanced post you can attach your scan-pics.

@ largeagain
Attaching disc quality scans to your post

The media you are using is fair-to-good. You might get better results from better media . RICOHJPNR01 is my favorite. You can also search the forum for your drive type and read the previous link(post #2) to see what media others have had success or failures with.