What!?! No NEC ND-3540A retail box in beige?

I have looked and looked and the only NEC ND-3540A burners I have found in beige are all OEM versions. The closest I’ve found to what I am looking for is the NEC ND-3540A retail package in BLACK at NewEgg.

Is there anywhere that sells the retail box in beige? If I got the retail box in black, how difficult would it be to get a beige faceplate for the burner?

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Yo traveler-

Have you looked on www.pricewatch.com?

If it’s out there - pricewatch will probably show it-eh!



Thanks for the responses.

bigmike7 - I looked in Pricegrabber and a couple other shopping search engines including Amazon with no success. Only OEM beige would show up there when I tried.

dearim - Thanks for the link. After using Pricewatch for a search, I found your link there in Pricewatch as the ONLY listing with the word retail and beige in the same listing in all of Pricewatch. Going to the link they have no pictures of it.

Thank you again for your responses.

I am just suspicious when the “only place in the world” that has it is not one of the major computer parts suppliers.

If I ordered a black retail box (which shows up in many places), how difficult is it to get a beige faceplate?


Do you really need the retail version of that drive? The retail NEC drives don’t look any different to the OEM versions, they don’t even have NEC written on the faceplate! Most other companies have their company logos on the retail versions. Come on NEC, how bout using some ink on the faceplate for a change!

Then what software do I use then?

The retail box edition would give me Nero 6.6 for about five dollars more than the OEM version. Or if I got the black retail box and the beige faceplate separately then that would have to be less than the cost of the retail Nero 6.6 which is ninety dollars.


MY BenQ 1640 OEM version had nero included but no box…Just came in a sealed plastic bag. Maybe that will be the same case with NEC. I dont know if you can buy faceplates for NEC. Some companies include both faceplates in the box, like Sony for example.

NEC OEM is just the burner with nothing else.