What no 1:1 dvd copie posts? tisk tisk

I very suprised not to see and discution about 1:1 perfect copies of dvd movies… So let me through it out there… I know i can be done because I’ve seen stand alone dvd coppiers going for around $5000. I’d hate to have to be the first guy to buy one of these and reverse engineer it… It should be very simple with programs like clone cd out there. The source code for dvd encription is posted everywhere… If anybody needs a copie let me know. Then all you’d need is a dvd burner a 8gb disk to copy to and someone with more patiens to put it together than me. If anyones herd anything please let me know.

The problem is that the drives being sold have protection built into them to physically stop the copyright infringement. It has been rumoured that it is NOT just a firmware protection either.:frowning:

Fake rumour, with an firmware crack you can make 1:1 copies! At least with the pioneer dvd-r. But I think other devices will follow soon!

Good news then, lets see if the firmware is around quickly enough

Probably! :stuck_out_tongue:

the ‘1:1 duplicators’ I’ve been looking at use the Pioneer A03 as their burner, but when I pull up the specs for the A03 it sais that it will only burn on 4.7gb disks… and to make a 1:1 of “the mummy returns” you’d need at least 7.8gb. So what the crap?

Yes but therefor you can buy double sided disks what means 2x 4.7=9,4GB

oh yeah huh??? Well now I feel like an idiot… ok check this:

So the real question is how to extract all of the menues and stuff and burn it onto the OTHER side of the DVD-R

Anyone know?

I really have no idea…

most movies are stamped on dual layer discs in the factory (color: gold), and at home you can only burn the single layer discs (with 4.7 Gb capacity), so you probably need to demultiplex the video and audio streams, then reencode the video at a lower bitrate so it will fit on one 4.7 GB discs, otherwise you’ll have to change discs in the middle of a movie.
Then multiplex it with the audio you need (no need for 6 different audio streams when you’ll only listen to the default english track, and maybe a commentary; no need for hungarian, french etc. when you don’t need 'em, except if you’re hungarian or french or whatever)