What newsgroup software you use?

What’s up!

I want to see & show what else is out there. So if you could also post the link as well this would be helpful for others.

Thanks for all responses!

I currently use Xnews (http://xnews.3dnews.net/) for all my binary files and Nomad News (http://www.nomadnews.com/) for all of my picture downloads.

Buck Wilde

Still Use Outlook Express…only one newsgroup I visit, the one from work :wink:

ps did you have to open a new topic for every question?

Be nice now :slight_smile:

I probably did’nt have to open up a different post for each question, but I didn’t want to bombard others with question after question.

I did it this way because the ones that don’t feel like they don’t want to read the post or if they can’t answer the post can bypass looking at the post.

There are 3 seperate posts that I posted asking different questions for each. This one I asked on behalf of others as well as myself so that I can see what else is out there.

But if you want me to ask all of my questions within one post I can do that!

Sorry for the Inconvenience I may have caused!

Buck Wilde

Nope your doing fine just the way your doing now,

my fellowadministrator, got mixed up by all of your questions, they do look a bit same.

please enjoy this forum!



I use Forté Agent.

You can find it at http://www.forteinc.com