What new Features will NextGen LG DvD Writer bring to us?

3x or 5x??

The future lg drive is GSA 4165b/GSA-5165D (USB 2.0 and FireWire) and the specs. are:dvd-dl 4x,dvd+dl 8x,cd 48x,cdrw 32x.And the drive will have LigthScribe.It will be out in april 2005.At the end of the year will be a lg drive with sata interface.(Source CEBIT 2005)

What about -RAM?

The rest of specs are like as gsa 4163.

I would like to see the RAM speed much higher, of course.

That’s what I thought…I will still be the first to get it. Better stock up on 5x -RAM! :slight_smile:

Full specs.

DVD Writing Speeds:
DVD+R: 16x Max
DVD+RW: 8x Max
DVD+R DL: 8x Max
DVD-R: 16x Max
DVD-RW: 6x Max
DVD-R DL: 4x Max
DVD-RAM: 5x Max

CD Writing Speeds:
CD-R: 48x Max
CD-RW: 32x Max

Read Speeds:
DVD-ROM: 16x Max
CD-ROM: 48x Max

Buffer Size: 2MB

The writing speed of LightScribe disc … I guess 1x or 2x. :sad:

I really hoped they had bumped the DVD-RAM to 8x, still 5x. :sad:

(Imaginary) LG HD DVD Writers:

48x CD-R
32x CD-RW
48x CD read

16x DVD+R
16x DVD-R
16x DVD read

8x Blu-ray

Not so imaginary. Just give it time and I’m pretty sure you will get all of those.

Yeah, what’s at issue is the timing. I just hope it will be this summer, not end of the year. :slight_smile:

>8x +dl
>8x +rw


I want it now! :slight_smile:

I wonder if the internals of the the new LG 4165B drive will be the same as the 4163B. If so, I wonder if a fireware upgrade across models would be possible?

The new LG 4165 has lightscribe
16x + - R
8x +RW 6x -RW
8x +R DL
4x - R DL ?
5x dvd-ram
48 cd-r

Check post #27 of this thread, I already posted the full specs. :wink:


Yes you did, sorry, but you forgot to put LG 4165 at the top so it didnt sink in when I read it. Still it does have very nice specs

My spelling is dire - should of course be firmware, not fireware.

No problem, we understand you. :wink:

@KenW, I know I forgot the LG GSA-4165B part but I was too late to correct it. :frowning:

The specs are nice, although I really hope that they will boost the DVD-RAM speed upto 8x with a firmware upgrade or something … 5x is bit slow.

I to would like to see faster dvd-ram speed, we will have to see what happens, I now have LG 4163 and it worksd well.

NEC is gonna release a 16x DVD-RAM writer at the end of this year, I’m waiting for the first LG drive that can do this. :iagree: