What new Features will NextGen LG DvD Writer bring to us?

Hello @ all!

My Question you read already in the topic of this thread. What are your suggestion?
Since NEC just announced their new 3540A and prices for the drives dropped to only approx. 50 EUR for a drive i thought it might be not too long when new drive should come around.

Personally i chose 4163B already to buy but unfortunately it still lacks higher Dual Layer Writing Speed which might be very useful in the near future.


I’m sure some of us here have a little more insight than others, but here’s my thinking (mainly my wish list):

8x +DL
4x -DL
16x -RAM, +R, -R
8x +RW, -RW
40x CD-R
24x CD-RW

>16x -RAM, +R, -R :iagree:

Why not… but to be honest: I am more than sceptical that RAM Speed will increase a lot. Manufacturers are only at 5x at the moment and there is not that big market to put in much R&D… unfortunately.

I am really excited whats gonna show up next at Cebit 2005 which starts soon.
Maybe LG will present their new masterpiece there… what do you think?

Regards andi

Same thinking here. :slight_smile:


I think your listed wishes should be in an updated FW for the 4163B :wink:

Sorry bud…that’s a few too many upgrades not to warrant a new drive. You may get 2x or 4x -DL for 4163 but you can forget the rest.


HA HA, isn’t it nice to dream? :iagree:


Dreaming is natural and I encourage it. My dream is that my 4082B will burn 16x -RAM and 8x DL. Then I would have no need for another drive. That’s the thing about us humans…I don’t burn DL (yet) and my 3x -RAM performance isn’t all that bad. Make no mistake though…I will be one of the first to get the new drive!

anyone have any clues as to when the nextgen drive might be available in the USA?

I would like to see 4163B get -R DL that would be nice

I would like to see them loose the Z-CLV writing methods.
I think all burners should loose it though.

My wish list for the next LG-drive:
16x DVD-RAM (although I don’t think we’ll ever see it in real life :sad: )
16x DVD+R
16x DVD-R
48x CD-R
32x CD-RW
8x LightScribe
4x Blue-Ray :smiley:
4x HD-DVD :smiley:

I wonder how much 16x DVD-RAM disk would cost? because the 5x disk are pretty high in price in USA stores, that is if you can find one, local stores here seem to only have 2x disks.


FUJIFILM 4X 5 pack DVD-RAM is available at BestBuy for $20.00.

That is where I got mine.

I had hunt like mad to find 2x dvd-ram I got then I had crack it out of sleeve to use it. For some reason my local BB has very little new media, maybe because its in mexican part of town. I have no idea. I have many times gone to local BB and not seen what others on forum say they have found in BB. my local BB is still selling +R DL media in 3 pack for $34.99 verbatim ones. and they no longer have the 8 +R 1 +RW 1 +R DL kits.
last time I went in there they had stopped there sales on 50 spindles of fuji 8x and had them all priced at 39.99 each


I will be looking for that prospective new drive also. :iagree:


I guess you are a bigger wisher than anybody else here. HA HA

I would like a drive that would write your selections also. :bigsmile:


can you start to buy online and let the BB program show you the stores with availability when you enter your zip code?

Then you can call one or drive over and pick it up, if it isn’t too far from you.

The Rima site wants much more for their brands.

I haven’t seen any more than 3 or 4 of the 5 packs on the shelf at once at BB.


You may want to check WalMart for -RAM. The local one here has Panasonic 3x 5 pack for $20. Also, Panasonic was supposed to open a -RAM factory in Torrance, so you may want to check them out. You are right about 5x media…very scarce. I’m guessing when 16x -RAM comes out, it will be around $8 a piece.

You can wish right!!

When you do it, do it good. :iagree: :smiley:

I really hope I’ll see such a drive within 2 months.